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plastic single wall corrugated pipe production line

plastic single wall corrugated pipe production line

Product Details

Fosita high-speed plastic corrugated pipe production line is used to produce12-50mm diameter single wall corrugated pipe in PE/PVC/PP material.
This production line is combined with three parts: Singe screw extruder, pipe shaping machine and pipe winder machine. There are 72 pairs shaping mold on the shaping machine with individual shape.Molding corrugated pipe with smooth inside and outside surface is high quality in 25-30m/min fast running speed.The mold blocks can be easliy changed and they are equipped with air or water cooling system.The pipe winder machine is adpoted Siemens PLC control system to rooling the corrugated pipes in settled meters with stable speed.

This line has features with good stability, fast forming speed, long service life, convenient operation and convenient module replacement.

Company Details


Building 16
No.203,Haiba Road,Daxin Town
Zhangjiagang City,Jiangsu Province,China (Postal Code: 215621)




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