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Product Details

Model No.

GS20 35 45 65

GSmach provides 3D printer filament extruder.

The main production of 3D printer filament productionsupport all kinds of raw materials, line neatly and roll up neatly. With advanced PLC technology, production is convenient, simple operation. We in the United States and other countries, there are customers, by the unanimous praise.

Our company has more than 14 years of rich experience in the extruder industry. We are professional in 3D printing filament production line.
Machine advantages

Big capacity compared with other suppliers using the same model.

Perfect tolerance: +/-0.03mm, even+/-0.02mm.

Can produce the different diameter of filament from 1 .5mm~3.0mm.

Easy operation: PLC full-automatically control system.

Produce different raw material:ABS PLA PA HIPS PET

Low maintain. We don t receive any complaint once the machine isrunning.

Help to install up in oversea

Company Details


Intercity Space Station
nanjing (Postal Code: 21000)




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