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The material of choice for automotive tubing is VESTAMID polyamide 12, which is used more than any other polyamide 12 for tubing systems in cars.
Polyamide 12 is a semi-crystalline polymer with good dimensional and temperature stability and good damping characteristics for noise and vibrations. It has the lowest density of any polyamide and absorbs the least water. The suffix 12 refers to the molecular structure of the individual building blocks: These are composed of 12 carbon atoms and are distinguished by a particularly long alkyl chain. This, and the interactions between specific parts of the molecule, make the plastic especially impact resistant and resistant to oils, fuels, and other chemicals. As the market leader in polyamides for fuel lines, Evonik High Performance Polymers Business Line has developed a series of patented MLT systems based on VESTAMID and various barrier layers.

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