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Injection Preform System

Model No.

IPS220, IPS300, IPS400

Product Details

Model No.

IPS220, IPS300, IPS400

The SACMI Injection Preform System (IPS) can be used to manufacture recycled PET preforms using rPET in flake form in quantities of up to 50% and 100% in granulate. PET (100% recyclable) is becoming pivotal to the plastics industry on account of intrinsic advantages with respect to other plastic materials. These include, both re-usability and versatility that makes it suitable for all kinds of industrial packaging. SACMI has set itself the goal of giving PET a second life via the use of recycled resins and/or by aiding full re-use of the material as per circular economy principles.

Company Details

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Via Selice Prov.le 17/a - 40026 Imola Bologna


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