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Good afternoon, my name is Alexander, I am looking for equipment for the production of rubber seals for cable laying. This solution will be certified by government agencies, the highest quality is required. The degree of dust and moisture protection of the final product IP 67/68.
Additional rubber molds are required
Additional equipment for rubber preparation is required
1. vulcanized heat resistant elastomer/rubber
ambient temperature -65/+75/+200
2. Need production equipment to make such molded rubber
The production capacity is 200,000 pieces per year, one machine is 50,000 pieces per year, in order to be able to produce several sizes at the same time.
3. 50 sizes, cable crimping equipment.
at least 1x5x60mm, 15x15x60mm
maximum 120x120x60mm,
Well-known manufacturer REP International, an analogue is needed
5. Budget $500,000 - $1,500,000

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equipment for the production of rubber seals for cable laying

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Country / Region: Russian Federation

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