AM568 Regular / Long term request

Request in Details

I am looking for virgin HDPE resin pellets suitable for:

1) Injection mould grade, melt index: min. 20g/10min, density: min. 0.953g/cm³, tensile strength: min. 3400 PSI, flexural modulus: min. 140,000 PSI

2) Blow mould grade, melt index: max. 0.35g/10min, density: min. 0.952g/cm³, tensile strength: min. 4000 PSI, flexural modulus: min. 180,000 PSI

Packaging: 25kg bags
Export: Brazil

Categories of Product under Sourcing

Virgin HDPE 1) injection mould grade, 2) blow mould grade.

Buyer Info

Country / Region: PR China

Product Target Quantity

Total quantity: 1* 40GP container (approx. 25 MT)

Post on

2023/5/24 18:13:56

 5  supplier(s) requested for matching.
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