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Audia (Audia International, Inc.) is a global plastics leader and is comprised of four companies Washington Penn, Audia Elastomers, Uniform Color, and Southern Polymer. The Audia companies work together to serve customers worldwide, collectively making them leaders in the thermoplastics market. With a global network of customers, suppliers, partners, and employees, Audia is committed to our philosophy of social and environmental responsibility to make the world a better place. For more information, visit www.audia.com.
Audia Elastomers, An Audia Company, is a leading provider of innovative elastomers solutions worldwide. We design our materials to look better, perform better, and be better than traditional TPE, TPV, TPU, or TPEE. Our teams unmatched passion and creativity can bring your vision to life through custom solutions and innovative technologies, and we pride ourselves on being flexible and responsive to your needs throughout the process. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in LaFayette, GA and Shenzhen/Changshu, China and a growing global footprint, Audia Elastomers is a true partner in your success. For more information, visit www.audiaelastomers.com.

Year of Establishment


No. of Employees


Headquarter Location

United States of America




Building 1, Gao-Si-Te Industrial City, Pingshan District
Shenzhen 518118
P.R.China (Postal Code: 518118)



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