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Kanghui New Material Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hengli Petrochemical Co., Ltd.(Stock Code: 600346), was settled in Yingkou Xianren Island Economic Development Zone in 2011. Relying on the world-renowned German Brckner film production technology and Henglis own polyester synthesis technology, Kanghui New Material intended to create a leading BOPET film, PBT engineering plastics, functional polyester and PBS/PBAT biodegradable plastics production base. The full range of products have been registered in REACH, ROHS, FDA certification, etc. which can meet the needs of different customers. The company has issued ISO9001 quality management system certificate, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certificate, national industrial production license and AEO certifications of China Customs. The company has been listed as Liaoning Province professional technology innovation center, Liaoning Province Enterprise Technology Center, Liaoning Province Public Technology Service Platform for small and medium-sized enterprises, etc., and has been rated as Liaoning gazelle enterprise, national power demand side demonstration enterprise and national high-tech enterprise.
Every factory of Hengli Group should play a key role for local economy, protect and improve the local environment. Kanghui New Material always adhere to the development direction of Green, safe and environmentally friendly, and practically implement the requirements of Hengli Group. Be aware of the safety development from an overall perspective, the company entrenches the concept of Life First, Safety First and takes safety as the top priority with the highest standards and strictest
requirements. Kanghui New Material will take Scientific and technological innovation as the core of development, strengthen scientific research cooperation with different domestic universities, form a R&D team by inviting experts from Germany, Japan, South Korea etc., in order to promote the research and development of polyester cutting-edge technology and products, lead the market, and achieve high-quality sustainable development of the enterprise.
Looking into the future, the company will seize the opportunity to make full use of the supporting advantages, industrial policies and good government environment of Yingkou Xianren Island Economic Development Zone, build a new polyester industry base with scientific management and high-standard operation, so as to provide customers with satisfactory products.





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