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Ningbo Topcentral New Material Co., Ltd is a high-tech company focusing on sustainable & green low-carbon recycled materials, bio-based & degradable materials, and new modified materials. Based on the functional professional service and technological innovation platform which integrating R & D and innovation, production and manufacturing, test analysis, sales and technical services, we have been committed to exploring provide innovative, professional and functional "carbon neutralization" material innovation solutions firstly and continuously for global customers and markets. Topcentral revolve in the purpose to become a functional professional platform driven by digitization, scientific & technological innovation and win-win cooperation with talents.Topcentral always adhere to independent research and innovation, complete industry chain design and reconstruction, business and competition model innovation, covering nine major categories of sustainable products, innovation of technologies, integrated services:The renewable plastics and innovative technologies not only include rPCrABSrPETrPErPA6/66, and some other general plastics, but also ODM/OEM innovation cooperation and integrated services for global brands. The modification and technologies of new materials not only include modified PC, ABS, PA6/66, PP/PE, PET/PBT, PC/ABS alloy, PC/PET alloy, but also ODM/OEM innovation cooperation and integrated services for global brands. The bio-based & degradable materials and technologies include but not limited to patent or product license of various bio-based or degradable materials, such as PLA, PBAT, PBS, which can be used in plastic bags, packaging materials and other applications.Topcentral had passed the certification of ISO9001, ISOI4001, ISO45001, GRS, SCS Global, UL, TUV, SGS and so on, covering post consumer recycled plastics, ocean bound plastics, carbon footprint and LCA, carbon neutrality, ocean cycled standards & product certification, and so on. Topcentral had led the formulation of a number of national / industrial standards, and formulated the layout of advanced technology and product patents and trademarks. We also concentrate on the sustainable resources and intellectual property rights of new materials and new technological innovation, business model and competitive innovation, whole industry chain design and innovation, product and standard innovation, comprehensive service innovation, application and scenario innovation, comprehensive functional professional service and technological innovation platform.




No.29, Hehai Road, Fenghua, Ningbo City



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