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The best selling viscosity control and measurement system for the past 30years.Meisei has more than 80%of the Japanese market share .More than 20000 systems have been sold to coating.gravure and flexo companies in Japan,and 19 countries.
1.Single unit performs four functions: ink circulation, ink agitating,viscosity measurement and viscosity control.
2.Improves product quality and color consistency. Decreases losses and customer claims -Guaranteed!
3.By providing uniform viscosity, waste is minimized and ink consumption is reduced by 15-20%.
4.Non leak and safety by pneumatic diaphragm.
5.Easy to wash by only half a gal of solvent, takes 3 minutes.
6.Automatic oil lubrication and recycling system extends pump life by 3 times longer.
7.Kink-free, solvent resistant hoses are soft and easy to handle.
8.Compact and lightweight, the system is easy to move, setup and operate.
9.Make operators free to adjust viscosity level, Operator can now devote their attention to other matters.


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