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Sumitomo injection molding machine always has a strict pursuit of forming technology since its inception. The injection molding motor adopts the self-developed direct drive system (DD) structure and the latest control system to accomplish high-precision and high response screw control. At the same time, it tries to completely eliminate the cumbersome zero molding technology to bring about rapid and stable production.
We have also launched SHR (high speed and high response forming), LGP (light guide plate forming), special lens machine, clean specification (medical forming), CT-6 spec. (container forming) and a series of special models to meet the market demand. With the characteristics of precision and efficient production, it can efficiently manufacture products with complex shapes, such as smart phone lenses and connectors, thin-walled products such as liquid crystal light guide plates, and multi-mode cavity products such as medical inspection consumables.

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11 / F, Wenguang building, 1386 Hongqiao Road, Changning District, Shanghai

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