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Servo-hydraulic injection molding machines from the SmartPower series with clamping forces of 25 ~ 400 t are highly compact and with outstandin g stability, which are available with multiple high-precision injection units. Features such as the drive-on-demand drive system and the patented KE RS energy recovery system, and user-friendly UNILOG B8 control syste m with integrated assistance systems are provided as standard. The ergo nomically optimized clamping system obviously shortens the mold changi ng time. Models from the SmartPower series could be converted into a co mplete production cell in combination with WITTMANN peripherals and th e Plug & Produce WITTMANN 4.0. The insider concept serves as an ex-works solution to transform a SmartPower injection molding machine into a fully complete production cell. In its basic version, the production cell int egrates a parts handling system, a conveyor belt for parts transport and a protective housing firmly connected with the machine.

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