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Yudrive II is an electric motor control equipment developed and produced by YUDO company using the most modern engineering technology and manufacturing technology. The use of clean energy, the electric energy can reduce environmental pollution, provide a clean operating environment and realize cleaner production. In addition to direct touch screen control, the device can also be connected to mobile devices to remotely control the movement of valve pin through mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The equipment can be easily configured and control commands can be input through the man-machine interface. The equipment can fully control the position, speed, thrust and stroke of the valve pin. The position control accuracy of the valve pin is high, up to 0.1mm. The equipment has a variety of modes, such as timing control mode, screw injection metering mode and the combination mode of the two. It can be operated manually and automatically at the same time. The number of controllable gates of single equipment can be up to 16 groups, and the segmented movement of valve pin can be set up at most 12 steps to realize multi-stage injection molding and multi-layer injection molding, improve the color change efficiency, shorten the injection molding cycle, fully improve the injection molding process and improve the quality of plastic parts. The equipment uses computer technology to fully improve automation and intelligence.

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