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Product Details

1.Environmental protection and cleanliness: no oil leakage and dripping phenomenon pollutes the workshop environment to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop environment
2.Low noise ultra-quiet: full servo motor drive, quiet and smooth action, low noise
3.Shorten the molding cycle and achieve high productivity: The opening and closing mold can synchronize the action of feeding, thimble, neutron, reaming teeth and other actions, shorten the entire molding cycle, and realize the ideal mechanical industrial product with fast cycle and high capacity
4.High precision, super stability: using full servo motor drive, high-precision heavy-duty screw drive, high-performance, high-response computer control, the performance of the whole machine is better and more stable.

Company Details


No.5, ChuangXin Road West, LePing, SanShui, FoShan City, GuangDong, P.R.China (Postal Code: 528137)




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