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Tongjia SP transcendence series high efficiency and energy saving injection molding machine

Product Details

TH Chaoyue series injection molding machine adopts international famous brand hydraulic and electrical systems. Its products have stable performance and simple operation. It is widely used in aerospace, high-speed railway, automotive electronics, medical and health, urban construction, people's livelihood and other fields. The design concept of Tongjia series injection molding machine is to continuously implement standardization, simplify product structure, ensure the highest reliability, adopt the latest three-dimensional control technology, and ensure Tongjia's consistent high quality at the lowest price as possible. Tongjia series has left a deep impression on people in terms of functionality, modernity and high productivity. These products adopt ergonomic design and parts from famous manufacturers to ensure product quality from the whole machine to every detail, and even their appearance is outstanding. Tongjia series injection molding machines have set a new standard in the field

Company Details


Jining national high tech Industrial Development Zone, Shandong Province (Postal Code: 272000)


www.sdtongjia.com www.tongjiahi.com


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