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POLYSTAR carefully developed a new Back Flush filtration system this year. Through the display of more highly automated performance, it can effectively extend the service life of the filter and reduce the frequency of changing the filter. Based on the development of the dual piston hydraulic pressure filtration system, by modifying the structure and direction of the melt flow channel, and increasing the automation degree of the hydraulic cylinder forward and backward process according to the variation of melt pressure, so as to achieve the target of intelligent Back Flush filter .

POLYSTAR's new Back Flush filtration system is capable of extending the screen change time by about 5 times compared with the original dual piston hydraulic pressure filtration system, and the user can effectively save the manpower cost of screen change, improve production efficiency and productivity contribution rate. The compact and reasonable structure design is fully complies with POLYSTAR's "simple and

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No.198, Ansin 2nd Rd., Annan Dist. Sinji Industrial Park. Tainan City 709, Taiwan




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