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The Swedish steel indurstry has evolved over hundreds of years and today is recognized the world over for its ability to produce steel of the highest quality. That's why we produce our doctor blades in Sweden. Swedev AB origins from this industry. This is our heritage! Swedev AB always goes the extra mile in order to ensure a product of the highest performance. Starting from the best steel quality on the market with full traceability Swedev uses only inhouse custom built grinding, polishing and coating machines to make the lamella, round and bevel edges with makes the SWED/CUT products reliable and high performing. Extensive quality control and customer support with technical services such as used blade analysis is the successful way of working for Swedev. All of this is acchieved with a minimal evnironmental footprint for a sustainable future. In the end the important thing is our customer's positive experience with the SWED/CUT blades.

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