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Co-extrusion polyethylene films offering a wide range of benefits for various applications. Among the most versatile co-extruded PE films are the stretch hood, shrink hood, and collation shrink films.

Stretch Hood Film is an elastic tubular film which is used with special palletizing machines, without need of heat. Areas of use of stretch hood are cements, ceramic, fertilizers, fodder, food and beverage and etc.

Shrink Bags & Film is a clear plastic film that forms to the shape of the product it is wrapped around when heat is applied to its surface. Polyethylene (PE) shrink bags are used for packaging of products on a pallet to keep them free from moisture and secure loads during transportation.

PE Collation Shrink Film are primarily used for wrapping cans, bottles, cartons and others. It is cost effective than cardboard cartons as it could save up to 75% on materials alone.

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