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NEO M1120s Opposite injection IMM with horizontal rotary turntable

World Debut

Product Details

Tederic CoinSure injection molding process demonstration
As one of Tederic's core competencies, NEO-M1120s multi-component injection molding machine has excellent performance. Its turntable with brake servo drive and sufficient turning space, can adapt to the customer's wide range of process requirements.
Solution Highlights:
Moulding at reduced pressure, which reduces the internal stresses within optical parts,both improves the optical performance and meets the other stringent requirements for optical components, and also reduces energy losses of the mould and machine, which lowers manufacturing costs.
The position and force of each tie bar is independently controlled. During injectioncompression (Coinsure), tie bar positional accuracy is as high as 0.01mm static, ensuring perfect dimensional accuracy of the product.
The advantages of products produced by this process are: lighter than glass, with a 40% weight reduction;
Automobile, Home appliance industry

Company Details


No.245 Wenze North Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 310018, China (Postal Code: 310018)




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