Medical Plastics Conference

Medical Plastics Conference will be back and this time in Shanghai! In response to the immensely positive audience feedback in the past edition, the 2nd Medical Plastics Conference will be held at CHINAPLAS 2016. With focus on medical devices, disposables and pharmaceutical packaging, the conference will have international experts presenting some of the latest applications of medical grade polymer and breakthrough development of manufacturing know-how. Accompanied by insightful case studies, the two half-day conference will be an ideal technology exchange and networking opportunity for medical plastics products industry!

2nd Medical Plastics Conference
Date: 25 - 26 Apr 2016 (Day 1 & 2 of CHINAPLAS 2016)
Time: 2 - 5pm
Venue: Meeting Room M16, 2/F, Hall E1, Shanghai New International Expo Centre, PR China
Language: English / Putonghua (simultaneous translation)
Target audience: Medical devices, disposables and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers
No. of audience: 200 / day
Admission fee: Free

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25 Apr 2016, 2-5pm
Applications of PEEK in Medical Sector
Tianjin Plastics Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Mr. Ming Wang, Assistant Manager

PEEK as a high-performance engineering plastic, has excellent biocompatibility, elasticity modulus similar to human bones, and X-ray compatibility, therefore it is getting wider use in medical industry. The presentation will cover the characteristics of PEEK, its unique advantages in invasive medical devices, its modification and surface treatment, clinical applications, existing problems and future development.
Plastic Technology That Resists Chemical Attack from Hospital Disinfectants
RTP Company
Mr. Ray Zhang, Healthcare Marketing Manager-Greater China

Mr. Ray Zhang has rich knowledge in medical plastics and medical devices industry. At RTP Company, he develops new medical plastic technology, and supports medical OEMs in Medical Electronics, Surgical Devices and Drug Delivery fields. His presentation will discuss the impact of hospital cleaners on plastic housing material of electronic medical devices, and how RTP's alloy technology can resist chemical attack from most hospital disinfectants, while maintaining the strength, functionality and integrity of the devices.
Plastic Materials in 3D Printing: Surgical Planning and Clinical Applications
University of Pavia
Ms. Stefania Marconi, Biomedical Engineer, PhD in Experimental Surgery and Microsurgery

Stefania Marconi is a biomedical engineer and currently post-doc at the University of Pavia, where she carries out her research activity on the subject of 3D printing applications in the medical field. Her presentation will go through standard plastic materials, high-resolution photopolymers and biocompatible materials suitable for 3D printing in medical field, the applications of 3D printing on anatomical prototyping for surgical planning, and 3D printing of biocompatible implants.
The Technology of Precision Medical Polymer Tube for Invasive Medical Device
Shanghai MicroPort Medical (Group) Co., Ltd.
Dr. ZhaoMin Lee, Senior Manager of Precision Tube Technology Center
Zhaomin Li is Sr. Manager of Precision Tube Technology Center at Microport Medical. His main interests focus on the processing technology of precision medical tube. Precision medical tubes are widely used in invasive medical devices, and their properties are critical to the performance of these devices. The presentation will introduce the technologies in producing precision medical polymer tube, which will determine their properties."
26 Apr 2016, 2-5pm
Current Application Situation of Medical Device with Plastics as Main Materials
Osmunda Medical Device Service Group
Mr. Mike Gu, Managing Director
Mr Mike Gu is international certified senior expert in medical device. He is former RA Manager of GE Healthcare, former Quality Engineer of Medline Industries, and is specialized in international and China medical device certification and consulting with over a hundred successful cases in consulting and training. His presentation will cover present situation and requirement of plastics in medical device application, and development trend for polymer medical device.
Covestro Makrolon® Polycarbonate Technical Solution for Medical Device
Covestro Polymer (China) Co., Ltd
Mr. Raymond Wong, Product Technology Manager, Medical & Consumer Products, Polycarbonate Asia Pacific
Raymond Wong is Product Technology Manager at Covestro Limited. He has 17 year experiences in the field of polymer science and engineering plastics. These experiences included engineering plastics application development, technical product service and business development in Asia Pacific. His current works focus on Polycarbonates technical product service and development project for Medical and Consumer Products applications. In the presentation he will exchange on medical device application trends and Covestro's solution to meet the new challenges.
Clean Room Manufacturing in Medical Technology
University of Applied Science Amberg-Weiden
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Burkhard Stolz, Program Director, Master's Program of Medical Engineering
For more than 20 years, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Burkhard Stolz worked in life science industry with Boehringer Mannheim and Gerresheimer AG, holding various management positions. Since 2013 he is Professor at the University of Applied Science in Weiden, Germany. Cleanroom manufacturing and innovation management are main subjects in his lectures and research work. In the presentation, he will discuss the chances and risks when going into cleanroom production, the technical and human aspects to cover in order to turn cleanroom manufacturing into a true success story for your company.
The Opportunities and Challenges of Biomedical Polymers Development in China Under the 'New Normal'
Wego Holding Co., Ltd.
Mr. Chunxiao Yu, General Manager Assistant, Wego Group Purchasing Company

The presentation will briefly analyses the CFDA regulations on medical device and policy environment. It will then discuss the development needs of biomedical materials, followed by highlights of Wego's achievements and future development in biomedical materials.
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