Technical Seminar

(Information as of 24 Feb 2016)
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Hall - Floor
Room No. Presenting Company Topic
2016.4.25        10:00-12:00
W2-1/F M2
N3-1/F M43 Dow Corning (China) Holding Co.,Ltd 1. Dow Corning Next Generation Scratch Additives for Scratch Improvement of Auto Interior Talc Filled Polypropylene Parts
2. Dow Corning Silicone Flame Retardant Helping Pass UL 94 V0 @1mm for Transparent PC
3. Dow Corning Silicone Additives Improving PA and POM Surface Properties: Scratch Resistance, Coefficient of Friction (COF) and Surface Noise
4. Dow Corning Silicone Masterbatch as Slip Agent for Packaging Film
2016.4.25        14:00-16:00
N1-1/F M40 BOROUGE PTE LTD Industry Leading Film Solutions for Consumer and Industrial Packaging
N2-1/F M41 Kraton Polymer Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Kraton Polymers Media Event
Mezz N1 & N2 - 夹层 M42 ExxonMobil Chemical New 5-layer POD Innovative Solutions in Film Application
N3-1/F M43 BASF (China) Company Limited 1. Elastollan TPU Application in Automotive
2. PU Integrate Skin Acoustic Engine Beauty Cover
3. WIT Technology in Automotive
N4-1/F M45 TOPOLYMER ENTERPRISE LIMITED 1. More Stable and More Economic TPV Material Application in Automobile Industry
2. Halogen-free Flame Retardant Materials in the Application of New Energy Vehicles and Cable
N5-1/F M48 BYK Additives (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. GARAMITE: Reinforcing Filler for Polypropylene
2016.4.26        10:00-12:00
W4-1/F M7 Wanhua Chemical Group Co., LTD. 1. The Application of Wanhua Thermoplastic Materials in Cable Industry
2. The Application of Wanhua Green Hot-melts in Seamless Underwear
3. The Application of Wanhua Novel Polyether-based TPU in Wearable Device
E6-1/F M35 Shanghai Sonner Machinery Co., Ltd. The salon for plastic application in Photovoltaic
N1-1/F M40 Ningbo Nengzhiguang New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Innovation and Practice of High-performance Compatibilizers
N2-1/F M41 Sumika Electronic Materials (Shanghai) Co. Material Technology Proceedings for Super Engineer Plastics in Sumitomo Chemical
Mezz N1 & N2 - 夹层 M42 ExxonMobil Chemical New Performance Polymer Solutions
N3-1/F M43 DuPont China Holding Co., Ltd. 1. DuPont Integrated NVH Solutions in Automotive Industry
2. DuPont Non-Halogenated Flame Retardant Solution in Electrical and Electronic Market
3. Cooler than Ever - DuPont Thermally Conductive Engineering Polymers
N4-1/F M44 BASF Performance Material Business Unit 1. BASF TPU Solution on the Food Contact and Medical Equipment Applications
2. BASF New Innovative Solutions of FR Engineering Plastics in Industrial Applications
3. BASF Heat Dissipation Total Solutions on LED Heat Sink Application
N4-1/F M45 CGN JUNER NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD. High-rigid and Low-weight Long Fiber-reinforced Material for Automotive Application
Mezz N4 & N5 - 夹层 M47 Kraton Polymer Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 1. Introduction of New Kraton® HSBC Polymers that Enable New Applications
2. Kraton Solution for Automotive Applications
2016.4.26        14:00-16:00
W3-1/F M4 FARREL POMINI Continuous Mixer: Applications and Advantages for Processing PVC Materials
W2-2/F M9 Shanghai Micro-spectrum Chemical Technology Service Co., Ltd Micro-spectrum Analysis Leading Unknown Compounds - Prospects and Development Trends of the Application of Micro-spectrum in Rubber and Plastics Industry
E1-1/F M12 Asano Laboratories Co., Ltd. 「Decorative Technique」of Plastic Sheets in Thermoforming and Addition of「Design Property」
E2-2/F M17 China Plastics Machinery Industry Association New Products and Technologies Presentation of Plastics Machinery Industry
E6-1/F M35 TETROTECH 1. PEM-BI, Improving Efficiency in the Plastic Injection Industry
2. New Product Release: ColorSave-Micro (Small Dose Gravimetric MasterBatch Feeder)
E6-2/F M36 The Chen Hsong Group The Opportunities and Challenges of the Plastic Injection Moulding Industry
N1-1/F M40 BOROUGE PTE LTD All-new Solutions for Advanced Rigid Packaging
N2-1/F M41 BOROUGE PTE LTD Borouge Brings 3 New Innovative Plastic Pipe Material Solutions to The Chinese Market
Mezz N1 & N2 - 夹层 M42 ExxonMobil Chemical Innovation that Works for You - Vistamaxx™ Performance Polymers Value Added Solutions for PP Woven Sack
N4-1/F M44 ICIS China Innovation and Sustainable Development of Polyolefin Market Business Model
1. Transformation of China Polyolefin Trade Pattern in 2016
2. Benchmark Used in the Field of New Applications
3. The Influence of Global Polyolefin Pattern Transformation on the Chinese Domestic Market
N4-2/F M46 SK Global Chemical Co., Ltd. Nexlene™, High Performance Metallocene Polyethylene
Mezz N4 & N5 - 夹层 M47 TSRC Corporation Low Styrene SEBS Development
N5-1/F M48 Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies Honeywell Lubricant Solution for New PVC Pipe Application
N5-1/F M49 JiangSu JunHua High Performance Specialty Engineering Plastics (PEEK) Products Co., Ltd. PEEK Sheets Rods Profiles of the Continuous Extrusion Process and Equipment Technology Exchange Meeting
N5-2/F M50 HYOSUNG CORPORATION POKETONE (HYOSUNG POLYKETONE) : Its Characteristics and Applications
2016.4.27        10:00-12:00
N1-1/F M40 Clariant 1. Engineering Plastic and High Temperature Resin
2. Chemical Foaming Agent
Mezz N1 & N2 - 夹层 M42 ExxonMobil Chemical Innovation that Works for You – Vistamaxx™ Performance Polymer in Compounding
N3-1/F M43 BASF (China) Co., Ltd. 1. BASF Pigments in Sensitive Application
2. New Product Launch - Lumina Royal®: Dragon Gold
N4-1/F M45 Gain insights into the current market for rigid packaging and industry trends and drivers, and find out more about BorPure™ MB7581, our brand new solution for beverage closures.
1. Market overview
2. Advanced rigid packaging trends and drivers
3. Introducing a fresh new look for random houseware
4. All-new solution for caps and closures BorPure™MB7581
5. Sharing of success stories
2016.4.27        14:00-16:00
W3-1/F M4 Shanghai Hiend Polyurethane Inc. TPU Application in High Performance Polymer Extrusion
W3-1/F M5 CPM Century Extrusion USA Specification of Twin-Screw Extruders for Compounding Applications
N1-1/F M40 AKRO Engineering Plastics (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. 1. New Technical Series Polymide Compounds - AKROMID® Lite and AKROMID® XtraLite
2. AKRO Intelligent Carbon Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Compounds
3. A High Performance Polymer - Aliphatic Polyketone (PK) Properties & Applications
N2-1/F M41 BASF Polyurethane Specialties (China) Company Ltd. 1. EGP & TPU for Consumers Electronics
2. BASF’s Solution Towards Sports & Leisure Goods
N5-1/F M48 Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies Honeywell Lubricant Solution for New PVC Pipe Application