Technology Guided Tour

Following the success of Technology Guided Tour last year, the Organizer will introduce the unprecedented Technology-Oriented Guide Tour to CHINAPLAS this year, which will comprise of 5 technologies including “Automation Technology”, “Automotive Light Weighting”, “Advanced Materials”, “Packaging Automation” and “Recycling Technology”. To fit different buyers’ needs, the tour will be sub divided into several routes and guided by experts with exhibitors' demonstration on their technology's features, stimulating the interaction between visitors and exhibitors.

Date: April 25-28
Time: 25/4 – 2:00PM
26/4 – 10:00AM, 2:00PM
27/4 – 10:00AM, 2:00PM
28/4 – 10:00AM
Group Size: 40/Group on a first-come-first-served basis
Fee: Free*
Language: Mandarin ONLY

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Interested parties please register at E7-B2 during the show period

Industry Theme Content*#
All industries Automation Technology
  • Robot: Using the most advanced linear and articulated structure in the industry, breaking traditional limit of linear robot structure.
  • Six-Joint Robot: Precision, stability and excellence, with customized HMI design to meet different needs.
  • End of Arm Tooling: Quick changes, air hands, needle grippers and one finger grippers.
  • Injection Machine: Less weight but more strength that is systematically reinforced by UD tapes. A lightweight nutcracker with more functions.
  • Servo Drives Series: Achieve high-precision positioning control and match the multiple control modes for various applications.
  • Robot IRB4600 Unit: The robot is able to adapt to target application by optimizing design in different environment.
  • Stack Molding System: Highly cost effective solution for packaging products, such as fast food containers, cups, cutlery products etc., the system is 100% automatic, space safe with a low energy consumption.
Auto Automotive Light Weighting
  • Raw Material TPU: Provides high-performance compound materials of robot to robotics suppliers.
  • Watermelt: By means of watermelt injection technology, a hollow structure design will be satisfied, which will be beneficial to material saving, sink mark or warpage compensation and complex tube design free.
  • Headlight baffle: PA66 provides the choice of competitiveness and high temperature that features the unique balance of headlamps baffle.
  • IMC (Injection Molding Compounding) Technology: a combination of injection molding technology and material compounding technology. IMC technology offers all-in-one process solution with higher efficiency and lower energy consumption. Also IMC technology is a solution with lower material thermal damage caused by reheating, offering possibility for longer fiber in finished products with better product performance.
  • PPA (Polyphthalamide) : performs better than ordinary Nylon by its value of tensile strength and flexural modulus which offers high stiffness and persistence.
  • Two-Plate Injection Molding Machine: advanced support, small resistance, and precise injection control group, with a removable feeding tube.
  • Large Servo Energy-Saving Two Plate Injection Molding Machine: advanced plastic injection, clamping, the control performance, applicable to all kinds of auto parts (lamp bracket, dashboards, bumpers), home appliances, environmental protection, plastic and other large injection molding products.
Aerospace, E&E industries, etc Advanced Materials
  • PBAT: Biocosafe is a kind of biodegradable resin that is synthesized from diacid and diols through a direct process of “one-stage polycondensation” catalyzed with a highly effective innoxious catalyzer.
  • LCP: well-balanced flowability and heat resistance, which can match different requirements of users.
  • Intelligent Carton Fibre ICF: With high specific strength and excellent properties, it has a price advantage, which can also satisfy parts of the requirements of lightweight automobile, industrial areas and modular development.
  • STARAMID F-3:It has better mechanical properties and thermal aging properties than the whole para-aramid, while the composite between fiber and resin can be advanced due to the structure of heterocyclic ring. STARAMID F-3 has excellent overall performance. it has low density, high strength, high modulus, the excellent resistance to high temperature, impact and wear, good permeability wave and other good performances.
Packaging industry Packaging Automation
  • Fully Automatic Bottle Unscrambler:uses spider arms, visual positioning, the alliance of vacuum generator and vacuum sucker is adopted.
  • Classicx 5- to 9-layer Coextrusion High Barrier Blown Film Machine:designed for processing gas barrier resins such as PA and EVOH,with precise layer ratio control system,auto gauge control system and centralized computer control system.
  • Solvent-less Lamination Machine:Substrates:PET、LDPE、BOPP、OPA、Laminate film(OPP+PP)、Alfoil,applied to film ,paper and Alfoil,Max. mech. Speed: 420m/min,Max. laminating speed: 400m/min,Web width: 1250mm,Unwind/rewind dia.: Φ1000mm.
  • PF24-8B: PF series gains a new brother which can go toe-to-toe with 2-step re-heat molding system. The PF24-8B lowers the cost of production both in terms of energy and factory space.
Building, auto, medical industries Recycling Technology
  • PE/PP film pelleting production line:provides solutions to solve ‘the big volume, different thickness and is not easy to feed’.
  • Plastic recycling machine:made in Taiwan,3 in 1 recycling equipment, used for recycling of plastic film, woven bags and etc.
  • Autosort: can perform the perfect sorting of different materials in various stages of resolution, the highest accuracy is up to 2.5 mm
  • INTAREME® TVEplus®: the new generation of plastic recycling system with optimized triple degassing: Thanks to the excellent degassing and filtration performance, this machine can fulfill some applications which the conventional system cannot perform.
  • Film Squeezer Granulator: a replacement of the dewatering machine saves energy, labour, factory space and machinery costs.

* Subject to different routes, the Organizer reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend the content of the tour without prior notice
# Under the same theme, routes contents may be different in response to different routes without prior notice

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