Industry Applications


Lightweight Automobile Development Status and Trends
To foster and develop new energy vehicles is an urgent task to alleviate the energy and environmental pressures, which is also crucial for China to become a larger and stronger car-producing country. In addition, the main strategic orientation of the development of new energy vehicle and transformation of vehicles shall be based on pure electric drive, focusing on promoting the industrialization of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles.   The goal is to accumulate 500,000 total sales of pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in 2015, and further accumulate to over 5 million by 2020, while the production capacity shall reach 2 million in 2020. In 2014, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were over 60,000, which is more than 300% over the previous year. From January to June in 2015, the cumulative production of new energy vehicles was 78,500, an increase of 300% over the same period of last year. More>>

Building & Construction

Development of Plastic Pipe Industry in 2014
According to statistics, China's plastic pipe production was about 13 million tons in 2014, which had an overall industry growth rate of 7.44% being compared with 2013. As a result, China continues to be the largest country of plastic pipe production and application in the world. More>>

E&E, IT & Telecommunications

Plastics Application Status and Development Trend in Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Industry
Countless types of electrical equipment not only have various specifications, but also have different requirements on insulating plastics. The plastics used in electrical industry refer to the plastic insulation materials, conductive plastics, pressure / thermoelectric plastics used in the field of electrical engineering and the design and manufacturing technologies of their material selection and products manufacturing. The quantity of plastics consumed in the electrical industry accounts for a third place in the total plastic consumption, which is only behind the packaging industry and the construction industry. More>>

Application Status and Development Trend of Plastics in Electronic Components Industry in Shanghai
With the development of new technologies and new processes, electronic components will use more plastics, but the requirements for plastics are relatively high. Taking Matsuyama Electronic Components Co., Ltd. affiliated to trade association as an example, which produces fuses. Traditional fuses are with glass enclosure, while the company's present new type of fuses with independent design are printed with printing-circuit gold or silver paste and then use an injection molding machine to wrap demanding plastics out the printed circuit. The application range is more and more extensive, which is widely used in various types of spacecrafts, including missiles, rockets, satellites, spacecrafts and space target aircrafts (Tiangong-1) and on a large number of civil products. Therefore, electronic components have increasingly demand for plastics. More>>

Development Trends of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Plastics Application
The application range of electronic and electrical applications is expansive, including both civilian and military products; both interior parts and outdoor large parts; low temperature use and high humidity, high temperature applications. In particular, at the request of the high-tech field, the current electrical and electronics industry is moving towards the direction of miniaturization and high performance development, while the use of engineering plastics in these areas has been increasingly widespread. In general, electrical and electronic engineering plastics must have high strength, high toughness, lasting heat resistance and flame resistance, while still maintain a considerable strength and electrical properties at higher temperatures. For example, the laminate made of polyimide resin can be used as a printed circuit board, Ekonol can make temperature sensor and relay housing and bobbin, 20% glass fiber reinforced polyetherimide can produce high temperature DC commutator motor, polyethersulfone may produce injection molding circuit boards, while flame retardant epoxy resin can make potting material of electric structural elements, such as capacitors, etc. More>>


LED Lighting - Plastics Application & Internet Creating Industrial Brilliance
"Made in China 2025" has further clarified the direction of development in terms of products and production intelligence, while the economic synergy development strategy represented by "One Belt and One Road" will promote related infrastructure construction and drive the development of LED lighting industry and market prosperity. As the development trend of global lighting industry is concerned, in 2014, the global LED lighting accounts for about 50% of the global lighting market. LED lighting is expected to account for 80% share of global lighting market in 2016. It is also expected that the overall global trend of the lighting industry from 2015 to 2020 will maintain an average annual growth rate at about 5%. More>>


Advancing medical plastics technologies promise new markets
Plastics are increasingly used by the medical sector as preferred materials as related technologies advance continuously. For various users of plastics, such as manufacturers of medical devices, medical disposables and pharmaceutical packaging, applying plastics in production means improvements in cost-effectiveness, productivity and product quality. More>>

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The Application of Plastic Products in the Food Industry
The output value of Chinese food industry exceeded RMB 1 trillion in 2014, making it an important pillar industry of China. Throughout 20 years of rapid development of the food industry, for food production enterprises, the expeditious growth and development potential of the food industry have created a huge market for the packaging industry. More>>


Plastic Applications in Toys and Kids Products Sector
Safety and reliability of kids products have been a lifeline of their quality and quantity system, especially that the level of knowledge of the vast number of consumers has been improved. In addition, security awareness and requirements of the quality of life also improve along with the development of economic capacity. As a result, lots of consumers put safety at priority rather than price and style of the products. More>>

Wire & Cable

Application Status of Plastics in Wire and Cable Industry
The main products of Shanghai wire and cable industry include power cables, wires and cables for electrical equipment, as well as winding wires. Materials are key elements of development of wire and cable products, thus the development of wire and cable technology and the update of related products must be based on materials. There are many varieties of cable materials, among which plastics and rubbers are main materials used in the insulation and sheath of wires and cables. More>>