Guided Technology Tour

With the three themes of “Intelligent Manufacturing, High-tech Materials and Green Solutions”, the organizer of CHINAPLAS cooperates with Association of CAE Molding Technology to launch “Guided Technology Tour” service with different routes, focusing on new equipment, new materials and new technology, in order to provide visitors with efficient visiting experience. The tour will be guided by experts with exhibitors' demonstration on their technology's features, stimulating the interaction between visitors and exhibitors, and helping visitors get access to the latest technology trends.

Four Highlights of the Tour:

1st Highlight:
Visitors will be led to exhibition stands of the selected exhibitors featuring relevant high-quality products and services.

2nd Highlight:
High qualified experts from ACMT with more than 25 years guided experience in the plastics and rubber industries will provide professional explanation and consultation during the whole tour.

3rd Highlight:
Visitors are fully equipped with wireless headset equipment to access to comprehensive information.

4th Highlight:
Visitors are able to receive photographs of the tour and electronic documents of selected exhibits.

Exhibits Highlights (Part)
Route Content
Intelligent Manufacturing Technology
Advanced Automation
    • With compact, fast and accurate features
    • Main application in welding, handling, unloading and spraying field
  • EQC
    • Reduce energy consumption: Only need to use the DC24 power supply when changing, no power consumption at the other time.
    • No pollution: It can be used for medical robots.
    • The robot derailment: The first choice for QC since the robot derailment becomes trend.
  • High-precision multi-materials gravimetric blender
    • Widely used in IMM, extrusion lines, medical, food, chemical industries etc., have industry advanced characteristics like high-accuracy, high-speed mixing, multi-materials and intelligent etc.
    • With perfect combination of servo motor and precision double-spiral screw, easy to formula regroup or clean.
  • Side Force Feeder Pelletizing Machine
    • Compare with compacting type pelletizing machine, it can reduce 35% energy consumption.
    • Meanwhile, deal with many kinds of hard plastic such as PP/PE/ABS/PC/PS.
  • PET bottle recycling system & Polyester staple fiber production line
    • 0.5 t/hr-6 t/hr. B2B grade & fiber grade PET bottle recycling system with full automation and intelligent (IAS System).
    • 15 t/d-100 t/d polyester staple fiber production line.
  • Carbon-Fiber Products Intelligent Molding Line
    • The final product has long fiber length, better performance and more cost-saving advantages.
    • Meet the final product requirement for Matrix polymer, which is made for lightweight of automobile.
  • Ge100HB Hybrid Injection Molding Machine
    • It can not only satisfy the requirement of precision injection, but also achieve the convenient features of hydraulic injection molding machine to the auxiliary function, such as the core pull, unscrew, etc.
    • It can achieve plasticizing function synchronously when hydraulic system is used to open and close the molding, thereby shortening the cycle time by 20%
    • Compared with the traditional machine, it can save energy by about 15% with high-efficient plasticizing.
Green Materials
  • Polyimide heat resistance
    • With high and low temperature resistance, solvent resistance, radiation resistance, flame retardant self-extinguishing and non-toxic characteristics of the human body.
    • Widely used in the aerospace, microelectronics, Nano, liquid crystal, separation membrane, laser, filter materials and other fields.
  • PPA
    • Featured with polyamide-class high temperature nylon resin with high temperature distortion, low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent dimensional stability.
    • Excellent tenacity and frictional resistance, featuring good melt flow rate, excellent injection molding, good resistance for the acid, alkali and general chemical substance, outstanding mechanical strength.
  • PPS
    • Featured with narrow molecular weight distribution, low content of oligomer and stable properties, excellent chemical resistance, excellent creep resistance.
    • Low water absorption, excellent dimensional stability, Superior Long-Term high temperature resistance and Inherent UL94-V-0 flame retardant.
  • LUVOSINT® 3D laser sintering powders
  • Application of flame retardant antibacterial PP in smart home
    • The properties of flame retardant and antibacterial PP materials exhibit good gloss, weather resistance and scratch resistance while achieving V0 flame retardant grade.
    • Be used in fields such as a lid of intelligent toilet which to meet people's requirements for healthy life.

Co-organizer: Association of CAE Molding Technology (ACMT)
Date: May 16-18, 2017
Time: 10:30 am-12:30 pm
Group Size:8-20 visitors (First-come-first-served basis)
Fee: RMB 300 (Only RMB 50/Per Day/Per Route, if registering through CHINAPLAS’ website)
Note: RMB 50 is refundable after visitors finishing the tour
Language: Putonghua and English
Meeting Point: The front entrance of Hall 5.2, Zone A
Deadline: April 28, 2017
Tel: (86-755) 2354 7172 / e-mail :

Further information will be updated soon!