CMF Inspiration for Design x Innovation
How does your product look and feel to the users? To create delightful user experience, the Color, Material and Finish (CMF) technology used to make the product must be chosen carefully.

Good CMF design reinforces product demand and is essential in building up a successful brand.

"CMF Inspiration for Design x Innovation" is where you can get all kinds of ideas for CMF design. It is comprised of 2 events:
CMF Inspiration Walls
  Display a rich variety of plastic resources for CMF design.
  Hall 6.2 (Between doors 21 & 22)
CMF Design Forum
  World leading plastics technology suppliers and CMF masters will talk about product innovations and the latest market trends.
  2018.4.26 10:00-12:30 Booth 8.2S71
Language: Putonghua
Format: Open Forum
Target Audience: CMF designers, product / industrial designers, R&D personnel and decision makers from all application industries
Scale: 100-150 audience
  Agenda and Speaker Profiles



2018-2019 China Design Trends
Ms. Xiaojing Huang, Strategy Director of YANG DESIGN,
founder of Design Strategy Institution

How do trends get started? What kind of product design is suitable for the future market?

What we needed before were some products that were necessary in our daily lives; what we need now are products for our daily lives that reflect some forward-looking ideas. With an emphasis on trend study, we can enable enterprises to master market dominance, and figure out products that are suitable for the future market. As China's most forward-thinking design consulting company, since 2005 YANG DESIGN has taken the lead in introducing leading trend forecasting tools, and in inviting opinion leaders from different industries to form a team of experts to jointly create China's most professional trend study team. The "China Design Trends Report" is a forward looking project that is released once every year.

For the 2018-2019 China design trend study, YANG DESIGN created it in the form of society as a whole, and based on consumer trend studies and interviews with six major industry experts, they submitted a forecast in keeping with the Chinese lifestyle, and from that they extracted four types of main design trend themes that are applicable to various industries. YANG DESIGN submitted proposals for the color, material, and finish (or CMF) that correspond to every trend theme.

Speaker Profile:
Renowned Design Strategist and Trend Expert, Strategy Director and partner of YANG DESIGN, the most forward-looking design consultancy in China. She has been leading the team to build the CMF Lab. Her clients are leading brands including Boeing, BMW, GM, Hyundai, Samsung, Hitachi, Haier and Unilever.



Covestro + CMF = Let's Play
- Aesthetics meet material

Mr. Roy Cheung (Global Business Model Innovation, Covestro),
Mr. Hans-Eberhard Stein (Brand & Live Communication Manager, Covestro)
Mr. Ciro Piermatteo (Global Technical Marketing, Covestro)


When combined the knowledge in coloring, materials and finish, the great potentials of a successful product design would be unlocked in terms of aesthetics, performance and manufacturing. Covestro experts will share with CMF designers their experience in CMF design starting from polycarbonate (PC) and PC based materials, and how an integrated, multi-disciplinary team working closely together would serve to meet the different challenges faced by the CMF designers, with examples given from the various industries and cases.

Speaker Profiles (from top to bottom): 
Roy: Graduated as an MBA, Roy owns cross-disciplinary experience from consulting, design, and innovation. Currently leading business model innovation for Covestro's Polycarbonate Business Unit globally, Roy's focus is to incubate intrapreneurial projects and external open innovation. Starting from this year Roy is devoted to the product design field, making Covestro the partner of choice for product designers.

Hans: Hans trained as an industrial designer in Wuppertal, Germany. He is a design manager and design strategist at Covestro Deutschland AG since 20 years. Prior to that, he was a scenographer expert at an international booth building agency that is known for focused exhibition content. In Covestro he develops and implements communication excellence as user experience, positions materials, technologies and application solutions as a show case with special focus on exhibitions.

Ciro: Chemical engineer specialized in color, pigments, and compounding technology for the plastics industry. Since more than 30 years by the company in different positions from application development to sales and marketing global position. Aesthetics and Design were always Ciro's area of interest proposing technical solution in terms of innovative solution for the plastics industry.



A New Trend on 3D Surface Decoration
- DOD (Differential pressure Overlay Decoration)

Mr. Alfred Au, CEO, Springfield CMF Technology Company Ltd.


Differential pressure Overlay Decoration (DOD) is a new technology for 3D surface decoration. Different from IMD, its application is much wider than IMD. The coating or painting is formed and coated after the product is produced. DOD can be applied not only on plastics but also on other materials. The technology allows greater flexibility in 3-D surface decoration with the introduction of advanced film coating and machinery. It will be widely used in consumer products in the future.

Manufacturers have to face the elevated requirement on environmental protection, product safety, higher expectations from consumers and labour shortage problems. Therefore, there is a great demand on new technology to replace the traditional method using spray painting and cubic printing.

In view of the situation, the speaker offers an introduction on DOD technology, how it works and provides case study of its application. He hopes that participants will be able to get an idea on DOD in this session.

Speaker Profile:
Current Member of Manufacturing Technology Training Board, Education Bureau, HKSAR, Executive Committee Member of H.K. Mould & Die Council and Vice - Chairman of H.K. Plastics Manufacturers Association. Former Convener of Technology Development Sub. - Committee - H.K. Mould & Die Council, General Committee Member of Federation of H.K. Industries, Vice - Chairman of H.K. Mould & Die Council, Winner of H.K. Young Industrialist Awards- 2007 and Chairman of Society of Manufacturing Engineers - HK Chapter # 227 - 1997



An Insight into CMF Design and Intelligent IoT
Mr. Diego Kuo, R&D+D Vice President, Chunmi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.


In the era of constant innovation and development of science and technology, plenty of smart devices appeared. In the past few years, the smart devices have entered a period of rapid development. We have seen so many innovative products with intelligent interconnection including Xiaomi Mijia products, as well as their magical pace of development. How will CMF of plastic parts develop in this trend of smart devices? How can we manage to adapt with it in the mean time?

Speaker Profile:
Diego used to be an interior designer. In 2001, he moved to DOMUS Academy in Milan, Italy, where he started his career as a product designer; over the last 10 years he focused on the design and promotion of smart devices in mainland China.

He once served ASUS computer as the design manager, as well as the design director of Pegatron Tech. Shanghai. He has more than 15 years of industrial design experiences in a variety of products, such as smart device, TV, notebook PC, desktop PC case, mobile phone, digital home system, wireless connect device, and home electronic appliances…. He and his team received numerous international design prizes (G-mark Japan, iF award, Red Dot award, China Red Star award) and patents.

May 2016, Diego joined Chunmi Tech Ltd., he led the team to redefine, design and develop the whole new Mijia Induction Cooker, which is highly appreciated by consumers and achieves a great success on the market. This product is always out of stock because of its good design of appearance and usability.



The Appearance of Design: The Lower Limit Depends on Technology, The Upper Limit Depends on Aesthetics
Mr. Cheng Zheng, CMF Specialist, Whaley


Speaker: Mr. Cheng Zheng

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