Guided Technology Tour
Innovation is key to the future! CHINAPLAS 2018 will command your attentions with new venue and new breakthrough technology. The organizer of CHINAPLAS cooperates with Association of CAE Molding Technology again to launch “Guided Technology Tour” service with different routes focusing on intelligent manufacturing technology, advanced automation equipment and high-tech and green materials, in order to provide visitors with efficient visiting experience. The tour will be guided by experts with exhibitors' demonstration on their technology's features, stimulating the interaction between visitors and exhibitors, and helping visitors get access to the latest technology trends.
Four Highlights of the Tour:

1st Highlight:
Visitors will be led to exhibition stands of the selected exhibitors featuring relevant high-quality products and services.

2nd Highlight:
High qualified experts from ACMT with more than 25 years guided experience in the plastics and rubber industries will provide professional explanation and consultation during the whole tour.

3rd Highlight:
Visitors are fully equipped with wireless headset equipment to access to comprehensive information.

4th Highlight:
Visitors are able to receive photographs of the tour and electronic documents of selected exhibits.

Exhibits Highlights (Part)
Route Content
Intelligent Manufacturing Technology
& Advanced Molding Technology
  • JADS SERIES Electric Drive Injection Molding Machine
Eco-Friendly mode reduces power consumption and overall operating costs. The high precision measuring control and the screw variation can response to ever molding.
Five axis-eight axis FRA series manipulator can automatically detect the vibration state, automatically reduce the vibration, for the high precision plug-in molding products to provide rest assured, fast, accurate extraction.
  • Optimelt multi-layer technology with intermediate cooling on two duo injection moulding machines
    • It will demonstrate how to produce optical lenses with a thickness of more than 20mm out of PMMA efficiently.
    • The technology enables cycle time reduction by 85% compared to the conventional one shot technology.
  • Display 25
It’s the competitive products of lightweight clamp. All kinds of small and medium-sized oblique ports and parallel clamping paths are suitable for the clamping paths are suitable for the clamping of various products and water outlets; the needle claw is particularly suitable for grabbing of sponge or cloth. All kinds of clamping fixtures make the injection molding program possible always.
  • Intelligent IMM Production Line
Intelligent production line is an injection molding unit integration consisting of main working machines BU two platen machine, BH fast speed machine and automatic peripherals. The integration of robotic systems and peripherals are under the same control of main working machines, which realizes unmanned production process: mold injection.
High-tech Materials Application
  • Free spraying alloyed materials
    • It shows high sparkle gloss and good touch surface, the amazing shine is equal to coating, and it provides greater fastness than coating, it also brings us environmental-friendly with lower Voc release.
    • No need to invest further machine by getting your expected product features.
    • It is reality to be a replacement of coating/electroplating directly in injection molding and extrusion profiles.
  • Makroblend SR60

It can achieve high-gloss surface and has a good balance of impact strength and heat resistance, increased scratch and sun lotion (chemical) resistance for unpainted applications in automotive interior.

  • Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites
    • It’s a new type of infinitely tunable composite material which offer low cycle times and high yield rates.
    • It can be customized to meet specific needs while offering light weight, strength, durability, and high-quality aesthetics for millions of parts and devices.

Co-organizer: Association of CAE Molding Technology (ACMT)
Date: April 24-26, 2018
Time: 10:00 am-14:00 pm 
Group Size: 8-20 visitors (First-come-first-served basis) 
Fee: RMB 300 (Only RMB 50/Per Day/Per Route, if registering through CHINAPLAS’ website)
Note: RMB 50 is refundable after visitors finishing the tour
Language: Putonghua and English
Meeting Point: Near Hall 6.2 at Mezzanine (8m) of South Podium
Deadline: April 16, 2018
Tel: (86-755) 2354 7173

Further information will be updated soon!