Medical Plastics Connect
"Medical Plastics Connect" will present the latest medical plastics technologies from renowned suppliers, providing medical device, disposables and packaging manufacturers with the most advanced solutions. Activities include:
Medical Plastics Open Forum
Date: 25 Apr 2018
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Time: 10:30 - 13:30
Location: 4.2T51 Tech Talk venue
Language: Putonghua
Target Audience: Medical device, disposables & packaging manufacturers
No. of seats: 120
Admission Fee: Free
Covestro Innovative Makrolon® Rx3440, Solution for Oncology IV Device
Pierre Moulinie , Ph.D., Global Medical Technology Expert, Medical, Industrial Marketing, Polycarbonate
Covestro LLC, US

Mr. Arthur Wang, Technical Development Manager
Covestro Polymers (China) Co., Ltd.
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Ms. Poey Lam / Ms. Christine Mok
(852) 2516 3393
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Covestro will introduce 2018 globally launched innovative medical Makrolon® Rx3440 , new solution for oncology drug delivery devices.
The Potential Use of Novel Cyclic Block Copolymer (CBC) in Medical Applications
Mr. Eric Lien, CBC Marketing & Sales Specialist
USI Corporation
ViviOnTM(CBC) is a fully hydrogenated product of styrenic block copolymer which is developed based on Dow's patented catalytic hydrogenation technology. Since the precursor of ViviOnTM(CBC) is made of anionic polymerization process, the living polymerization leads to high purity of the material with very low extractables and leachables. Other critical features of ViviOnTM(CBC) are high bio-compatibility, chemical inert, low protein interaction, low auto-fluorescence, superior resistance to UV, gamma, e-beam and ETO sterilization, excellent UV transmission, and low specific gravity (0.92). Moreover, the molecular structure of ViviOnTM(CBC) can be readily tailored to offer a wide range of properties spanned from soft elastomers, tough materials to rigid plastics. Furthermore, the material can be processed well in most fabrications, e.g. injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding, etc. Among regulatory tests, ViviOnTM(CBC) has passed ISO 10993, US Pharmacopeia <88> Class VI and <661>, as well as JP Pharmacopeia 7.02.
The New Development About PP Resin In Syringe and The Application About Clarifier-Milliken NX8000
Mr. Danny Yuan, Account Manager
Milliken Enterprise Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
The speech will be about: 1. Syringe market status 2. The development about PP raw material in syringe 3. Traditional PP clear resin 4. Excellent quality of clear resin with NX8000 clarifier,etc.
PolyOne's Innovative Solutions for Healthcare
Mr. Wenqing Liao, Sr. Manager
PolyOne Corporation / Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation

In this presentation, PolyOne & Formosa will introduce the development result and products feature of PP for healthcare, the total solutions for healthcare customers as well as the market trend for 2018. We will also introduce the innovative material of colorants and additives for healthcare which help you to solve the various challenges in design and process.
From Polymer to Contract Manufacturing – Lubrizol One-stop Medical Solution
Mr. Clark YAN, Regional Sales Manager, Lubrizol LifeSciences, Greater China
Lubrizol Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
To introduce Lubrizol one-stop medical and pharmaceutical solutions from polymers and formulas to manufacturing.
Medical Plastics Application Trend – TPE Material Development and Market Drive
Mr. Zeng Fanjin, Application Engineer
Tekni-Plex China
Increased regulatory requirements, market drivers and cost pressures continue to generate a material choice discussion in the industry. Three key material choice discussion areas are Phthalate to non-phthalate plasticizers; PVC to TPE; Rubber to TPE or Speciality PVC Compounds. Selecting the right medical material compounder is critical.
Production of Diagnostics - Top Efficient Manufacturing and Automation of Pipettes, Petri Dishes and Blood Tubes
Mr. Eric Cao, Business Development Manager Medical/Packaging Mr. Kurt Hell, Director Business Unit Medical/Packaging
Engel Machinery Shanghai Ltd.
Manufacturing of pipettes,petri dishes and blood tubes is a high volume,high performance business with high cavity moulds.It requires special machine and automation concepts.

Requirements:clean manufacturing,high output at low production costs,energy efficient solutions.

Engel solutions: high performance all electric machines which guarantee clean ,precise and cost efficient manufacturing. Automation solutions for efficient production of pipettes and petri dishes.
Freudenberg Medical - Innovation in silicone components for medical and pharmaceutical applications
Mr. René Heilmann, Head of Marketing and Partner Relations
Mr. David Lau, Sales Director - Asia Pacific
Freudenberg Medical
The presentation will give an overview of silicones as material of choice in medical and pharmaceutical applications. Further we will present how innovation in the fields of raw material and silicone processing lead to modern medical products. Finally we show how close cooperation between customers and their suppliers in development partnerships help innovating for a better life of patients.
Medical Plastic Product Pop-up Kiosk
Renowned exhibitors will showcase a great variety of products manufactured from the most advanced medical plastics techonologies and mateirals. Visitors can scan the QR codes onsite for more product information. Come to have a look!

Date: 24-27 April 2018
Location: 5.1P39, 4.2T51
Medical Plastics Guidebook
Rich content includes Medical Plastics Solution Highlights, which let you know the hot technologies in a glance; Medical Plastics Solution Providers list, enabling convenient search of exhibitors in CHINAPLAS; Feature articles of the latest technologies, keeping you abreast of the market trends; and Leader Interview, sharing with you the insights of market leader.
Medical Plastics Guided Tour
This guided tour will lead you to the booths of selected medical solution providers, so that you can meet the technical persons face to face and get the solutions you need.
Date & Time:
Machinery Tour: 2018.4.24, 10:30 – 12:00
Materials Tour: 2018.4.25, 14:30 – 16:00
Meeting Point: South Podium (8m level), near hall 6.2
Guided Tour Enquiry / Registration:
Ms. JIN Meng-Li
(86) 755-23547174
Supporting Media: