Bottles Recycle Program: Re-Create Together
Do you know? The proper recycling of every 1 ton of PET beverage bottle can reduce 3 tons of carbon emission. 8 plastic bottles can be converted into 1 T-shirt after recycling, 14 bottles can be converted into 1 handbag. Recycling and reuse are among the most important strategies for society to achieve sustainable development. However, the public's understanding of proper recycling and the subsequent product re-creation process is relatively low.
In collaboration with INCOM TOMRA Recycling Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, and Wahaha, the leading beverage producer in China, CHINAPLAS launches the "Bottles Recycle Program: Re- Create Together" this year. The activity aims at promoting the commercial value of waste plastics and the importance to establish a "closed-loop" system for sustainable development of the industry.
A number of Reverse Vending Machines are set up at the show floor. Every participant joining the Bottle Recycle Activity will receive a free drink sponsored by Wahaha. For recycle of a total of 5 plastic bottles during CHINAPLAS 2018, you will also have the chance to get a SPECIAL GIFT made from recycled plastics. Join us to preserve our environment! (While stocks last.)
Souvenir Redemption Counter 1/F – Booth No.: 6.1U02  
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1/F (0m Level) Mezzanine (8m Level) 2/F (16m Level)
Hall 1H Next to the Recharging & Internet Centre East, South, West & North close to Circular Tower Hall 4.2H Booth No.: 4.2C70 (Recharging for Power)
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Hall 6.1H Booth No.: 6.1J31 & 6.1U02 (Souvenir Redemption Counter)    
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