Comments from Exhibitors / Visitors / Associations

What Visitors Said
Mr. Alexander Kuhr, Head of Purchasing Thermoplastics and Auxiliary Materials of HELLA
Mr. Jiang Chunpu, Vice General Manager, WEGO
Mr. Neo Cao, Senior Manager,
Meizu Technology Co., Ltd.
Mr. Shane Dai, Materials Engineer of R&D Department, Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp Ltd.
Mr. Christian Mayr, Director Corporate Purchasing, ALPLA
Mr. Rocky Sun, Director of Packaging & Core Technolgoy Research, LIBY

"The quality of CHINAPLAS continues to raise quickly. Many years ago, low-end machines dominated the show, but now, high-end and advanced machinery is the norm. The high-quality, cost-effective machinery is very attractive to Europeans!"

Mr. Patrick Schmutz, Director Asia-Pacific Procurement for Quadrant Plastic Composites AG

"CHINAPLAS is very well-known in Argentina, even though it's far away from us. CHINAPLAS is truly an excellent platform connecting suppliers and buyers, and for sure we will come next year!"

Lic. Nicolas A. Finkielsztein and Lic. Astrid Grotewold, Commercial Manager and Sales Manager, respectively, from Laquimar

"I come to CHINAPLAS to learn about new plastics technology and to find new injection molding for manufacturing home appliances. I found the most impressive exhibit to be the transparent silicone from Sumitomo Chemical. It's good to have both Chinese and overseas exhibitors in the show."

Mr. Nohcheol Park, Principal Engineer for Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

"It's a great meeting place, all of the Asian raw material producers are gathering in CHINAPLAS. Beyond the exhibition, the main reason I came is that I have scheduled some meeting with global suppliers. CHINAPLAS is always a great experience, it's now my ninth CHINAPLAS exhibition. I come here every year, either to Guangzhou or to Shanghai. Every year the exhibition is getting bigger and bigger."

Mr. Christian Mayr, Director Corporate Purchasing, ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG

What Exhibitors Said

"This time we have exhibited our brand-new patented technologies, such as the JETMASTER-MK6 Series and the SPEED series. All the exhibiting machines have been sold out during the show. We have got lots of purchasing orders and gained a great business development opportunity in CHINAPLAS 2017."

Chen Hsong Holdings Ltd.

"As one of the leading companies, Haitian not only keeps the large market share in China but also explores the new international market. CHINAPLAS provides a great platform for us to promote our brand, develop the potential market and cooperate with China's and Oversea's agents. CHINAPLAS demonstrates a precious value in this area."

Mr. Zhu Yuen Jie, Manager of Brand Building and Marketing Department, Haitian International Holdings Limited

"CHINAPLAS is always being a distinguished event for Chemical Industry. All the material suppliers, end-users and material developers gather in the show to explore the material solutions, investigate the improvement of products and develop the business cooperations."

Mr. Jin Yong Zhou, Head of South China Business Development Department, Hyosung Corporation

"We are quite satified with CHINAPLAS 2017. There are many improvements and the management of the show is more precise compared to the pasts. That is what we felt during the past 10-year visiting. The professional visitors are not only increased in numbers but also raised in quality. "

Mr. Jiang Chang Lin, Marketing Department, Matsui Mfg. Co., Ltd.

What Associations Said

"This edition of CHINAPLAS has launched different kinds of materials, such as ultra-high strength, spray-free, high barrier, high transparency, resistant to steaming, anti-UV, antibacterial, composite, biodegradable materials and etc., in order to meet the various demands from downstream industries, for example, weightlighting automotive, lightweighting electronics, food safety, low-carbon buildings and etc. The concurrent events of "Design & Innovation" and Medical Conference demonstrate lots of practical manufacturing cases. Visitors are benefit to catch up with the latest changes in the industry, and get to know the market trends by multi angles, evenmore, discovering the valuable cooperating opportunities. The case demonstrations in "Industry 4.0" help the enterprises to develop smart manufacturing, raise their production effeciency, improve product quality, and achieve the lean production. It provides many practical solutions for manufacturing enterprises to upgrade and transform. "

Mr. Liu Jian Guo, Deputy Secretary-General, The Plastic Trade Association of Shanghai

"CHINAPLAS as the industry's leading exhibition has attracted a large number of our members to visit.  They come to look out for the new materials and equipment for their products such as banknotes counters, cabinet air-conditioners and electronic components, etc. They are particularly in interested in the newly setup Industrial Automation zone and have given very positive comments."

Mr. Lu Jinhong, Deputy Secretary General, Guangzhou Electronics Industrial Association

"The management and operation of CHINAPLAS are excellent, the design of theme zones facilitates the visitors' visiting. There are many technology conferences, tech talks, guided tours, medical conference and Industry 4.0 conference that providing foreign visitors a unique visiting experience. We believe that Adsale Exhibition will keep on positioning the show to be more technology-oriented, innovation-driven and service-industry-oriented, in purpose of raising CHINAPLAS to a new level."

Mr. Wei Hua, President, Jiangsu Plastics Processing Industry Association

"CHINAPLAS has come to the 31st edition. There is a theme for each edition, and it is keeping on innovating. The show represents the most high-end technologies of plastics industry in the world. It is the ultimate platform for international technologies sharing and business trading for manufacturing industry, and it significantly drives the upgrading and transformation of the enterprise to be more competitive. "

Ms. Wang Jian Ping, Secretary-General, Zhejiang Plastics Industry Association