3D Technology Zone will be expanded in CHINAPLAS 2019 Guangzhou exhibition
Publish Date: 2018/11/21
As one of the most promising advanced manufacturing technologies in the industry 4.0 era, 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) technology is rising rapidly. 3D printing has gradually permeated and penetrated into the mechanical industry, medical treatment, construction, aerospace, education and other fields, which will bring about a huge change in business model.
The debut of the 3D Technology Zone attracted a large number of audiences from all walks of life at CHINAPLAS 2018 in Shanghai this year. Undertake the popular trend, 3D Technology Zone in CHINAPLAS 2019 Guangzhou will be expanded, Autodesk, Xi’an Bright, Shanghai Hanban, Shanghai Ureal, E-PLAS-3 Technology and well-known 3D printing supplier will show a variety of high-end 3D printing equipment, advanced 3D scanner (reverse engineering), 3D printing software and 3D printing materials.
3D printing accompanied cooling channel mold technology will be mainly displayed in CHINAPLAS 2019. Compared with the traditional mold, the cooling channel mold with conformal cooling can achieve rapid and uniform cooling when used, and the film removal is faster and the effect is better. To learn more about the wonderful and advanced 3D printing technology, let's meet at Guangzhou Pazhou Pavilion next year!