3-6 August, 2020

National Exhibition and Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai, PR China 
National Exhibition and Convention Center,
Hongqiao, Shanghai, PR China
Innovation is Key to the Future

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Finding All the New and Hot Technology Here!
What are the latest applications of LCP materials? What new technology will subvert the traditional shear flow? How to measure filler? “New and Hot Technology Collection” has been launched. All you want are here!
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Why is LCP the darling of 5G era? CHINAPLAS 2020 brings you the secret!
A 5G licensing ceremony was held by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on June 6, 2019, marking China's official acceleration into the era of 5G commercialization. 5G requires higher speed of electromagnetic wave transmission and less loss of signal propagation, , which means that permittivity and dielectric loss of the applied material should be as small as possible. LCP meets all these stringent requirements.
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New Materials: Main Driving Force of Automotive Lightweight
New Material Application Development Conference and Seminar of China Alliance of Auto Non-metal materials (CAANMM) were held in Qingdao on November 21, 2019. Delegates agreed that plastics and other non-metallic materials hold great potential for promoting the development of automobiles lightening.
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Exhibitor List with one-click away to exhibit search
Exhibitor List- an upgraded version has been launched. More than 3800 exhibitors from over 40 countries and regions are listed. To get the latest information, please visit the CHINAPLAS exhibitor list now.
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From Everyday Life to Olympics: Plastics & Rubber in Sports and Leisure Applications
Plastics and rubber materials have provided endless possibilities to sports and leisure activities over the years, and technology advances continue to improve safety, comfort and performance. The applications are diverse and widespread - ranging from artificial turf, sporting attire, sport equipment, to the venues.
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Concurrent Events
Tech Talk ─ The Heartbeat of Plastics & Rubber Industry
A comprehensive platform cover a variety of plastics & rubber machineries and materials including 5G technologies, automobile plastics, packaging green solution, 3D printing, composites & innovative technologies and bioplastics technologies. Taking the pulse of the plastics and rubber industry! Tech Talk 2020 is the event you simply can't miss!
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Design x Innovation: 3 Activities Connecting Plastics & Design Industries
Product design is an integral part of building a successful brand. The 3 activities of Design x Innovation 2020 offer excellent platform that facilitate interactions and business cooperation.
Applications in Focus – Applications Driving Innovation
Focusing on innovative plastics application technologies to strengthen the industry chain and formulate diversified solutions, with joint collaboration among industry, universities and research centres, covering sectors of automotive, packaging, electronics & electrical appliances, medical, building materials, aerospace, etc. 15 Application Seminars & Events 80+ Hot Topics
Look up cutting-edge recycling systems, creative and sustainable plastic packaging, and pioneering material technology for circular economy.
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Industry 4.0
The reputed concurrent event, returning of Industry 4.0 Concurrent event. The highlighted activities include the smart production scenario simulation, which is demonstrated by Manufacturing Intelligence Control Room and Smart Factory, and a themed workshop
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