21-24 April, 2020

National Exhibition and Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai, PR China 
National Exhibition and Convention Center,
Hongqiao, Shanghai, PR China
Innovation is Key to the Future

Các điểm nổi bật của triển lãm
Medical plastics industry is expecting "Golden Decade"
Recently, CHINA SOCIETY FOR DRUG REGULATION issued an official report on the development of 2019 China medical device industry. It points out that China's medical device market has become the world's second largest, and the main revenue of medical device manufacturers is expected to exceed one trillion yuan. It shows that the next decade will still be a "golden period" of rapid development. Let’s see some latest trends of medical plastics technologies.
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Show Video & Video Channel
CHINAPALS 2020 cordially present a 1-min video to give you a taste of how these Smart Manufacturing, Innovative Materials, and Green & Circular Solutions magic happened in different application industries.

Get ready! It is time to catch up what’s new in plastics and rubbery industry.

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Circular Economy: Reinventing the Green Solutions
Recycling has been the key to conquer emerging markets in plastics and rubbery industry recently. As the industry shifts, market players are moving towards a “from waste to resources” approach by exploring more business opportunities under circular economy. From a resources-efficiency perspective, this new dimension is going to be a profitable business.
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Live Broadcast Channel

Live broadcast streaming is launched for its first time at CHINAPLAS 2019. Exhibitors were invited to share their cutting edge technologies on market red hot topics. Rich content of concurrent events was also captured. Click the page to view the playback footage now.

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2019 Photo Gallery

The photo collections capture all the big moment of CHINAPLAS 2019 and 6 main concurrent events happening at the fairground. Click to view now!

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Các Sự kiện Đồng thời
Connect & Inspire @ CHINAPLAS Designers’ Night
Flashback of first launched Designers’ Night in 2019. Designers from electronics and electrical appliances industries were invited to explore future design trends and innovation materials and production technology.
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Industry 4.0
The reputed concurrent event, returning of Industry 4.0 Concurrent event
The highlighted activities include the smart production scenario simulation, which is demonstrated by Manufacturing Intelligence Control Room and Smart Factory, and a themed workshop
Seize the opportunity of Industry 4.0
DXI Flashback - Conversations with Design Masters
CHINAPLAS 2019 invited design masters from Italy, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong & Taiwan region to take part in Design x Innovation events. Check out their views on design.
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Theo chúng tôi Theo Dõi CHINAPLAS @ Truyền thông Xã hội
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