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Pre-registration system has been newly upgraded. The new system will now create a MyCHINAPLAS account simultaneously. You can review all your visitor confirmation letters and apply for an e-invoice by logging in MyCHINAPLAS via website, mobile APP & Wechat.
Mobile number only. Country code & area code are not required.
Please make sure the mobile number and email filled in are correct. The information cannot be changed after submission.
Please fill in your true identity information, otherwise your admission may be rejected.
Please review that your postal code and address  are correct. Please inform the organizer immediately if your address is changed.
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Friendly Reminder: To ensure a smooth pre-registration without being spammed and in order to receive the confirmation letter, receipt & invoice, you are advised to submit your correct email address with a company domain and whitelist our email as well.
Your password should be 8 characters long and contain at least one English alphabet and one number.
you can Pre-register for your colleagues here. Please click the "Purple" button below.
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Please note that the visitor badge of your colleague(s) will be sent separately by mail to your registered address in mid July.


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Please review your information before proceeding, it is not allowed to revise or cancel the pre-registration after submission. You should settle the admission fee or enter FreeEntry Code immediately to complete the whole process.
For inquiry about the visitor pre-registration, online payment and invoice & receipt issue, please feel free to contact