Innovative Promotion under the Epidemic
Publish Date: 2020/05/11

In big crises, there are often opportunities for disruptive innovation.

The sudden outbreak of covid-19 has forced people to use the Internet more frequently and on a wider scale.




“Live+” has Become a Common Phenomenon

During the epidemic period, lots of companies have launched their products in the form of live broadcasts. There were also intermediaries agency selling apartments, 4S stores selling cars, and phone sellers selling mobile phones.

Selling goods via live broadcasting is not a new topic recently. However, it has promoted during the epidemic, and then will have a new brightness.


The Online Office is Ripening

Data from Qimai showed that, a mobile office App owned by Alibaba, topped the Apple App Store for 13 consecutive days on Feb 17, followed by Tencent Conference. This is the first time in the history of Apple’s APP Store to top two.

BAT has been eyeing covetously the online office for years. But the new pandemic has ripened the filed further

The industry believes that as the online office ecosystem matures, it will further cultivate user habits and promote the digitization process of enterprises.



In addition to the increasing phenomenon of "live +", "online office" and so on, the traffic of webinars can not be ignored.

Facing the epidemic, the exhibition industry will highly focus on network interaction for a period of time when offline exhibition activities are limited. In addition to strengthening the online contact and maintaining a good relationship with customers, we will also hold online seminars related to the industry, so that exhibitors and visitors can understand the market situation without leaving home.

CHINAPLAS, as a rubber and plastic technology trading platform, also actively launched online seminars such as application cloud forum live broadcast for rubber and plastic industry:




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