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5G industries drive new trends on plastic & rubber
Publish Date: 2021/02/24
The 5G industries accelerate the industrialization process from 4 key elements, including industry standards, solutions, core chips and key devices. The development for 5G industry became clear in the term of infrastructure, devices, and application scenarios. Driven by applications and consumers, the total number of global 5G users will reach billion-dollar in the next five years.

As a national hub for electronic information industry and one of the first pilot cities of the 5G network in China, Shenzhen has already realized full 5G coverage, taking the lead in the 5G era. According to the disclosure of Shenzhen government, Shenzhen had deployed 46,480 5G base stations. It ranks No. 1 in China in terms of density of base stations.

The realization of 5G communication will definitely involve the upgrade of materials, including the support of high-performance plastics and rubber, including the outer frame, keyboard, back cover, middle frame, bracket and other components with covering, decoration, support and connection used in applications, 5G base station parts, filters and antenna vibrators. Market can be expected with unlimited business opportunities in wide range of applications.

Low dielectric loss materials, high electromagnetic shielding materials and high thermal conductivity materials are 3 key polymers commonly used in 5G communications. In line with the trend of 5G development, materials are produced with unique properties and excellent quality to meet the needs of 5G industry construction, continuously improve the performance of plastic products. It has become an important challenge that the plastics industry and enterprises have to endure when facing 5G opportunities

The theme of "Plastics & Rubber + 5G" will be introduced in the concurrent event "Tech Talk", focusing on 5G-related raw materials and their molding processes, especially the application of plastics in 5G infrastructure and end products, bringing together enterprises from upstream and downstream of the industry with technical exchanges and promote the development in 5G application industry.

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