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Bravo! High strength fully recycled agricultural film contributes to sustainable development of agriculture!
Publish Date: 2020/12/14
Recently, Mr. Qu Jinping, an expert on polymer materials processing and machinery as well as the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave an interview to the program "Characters • Stories" of CCTV-10 science and education channel, telling how he solved the problem of residual film pollution.

Mr. Qu had discovered that there were about 16 kilograms of residual film per mu of land in Xinjiang province during his field study in 2013. Mr. Qu said: "if the 'white pollution' in Xinjiang province could not be solved, farmers may have no land to plant in a few years." He found that most of the film left on the farm couldn't be recycled, so he decided to develop a high-strength, fully recycled film. Mr. Qu and his team developed a new type of composite plastic film, which is as thick as ordinary plastic film but stronger.

In order to test the application effect of the new plastic film, Mr. Qu Worked with Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences to spread hundreds mu of high-strength fully recycled plastic film in Xinjiang province. It was found out though the test that this new type of plastic file with high transmittance and high strength had not broken overwhelmingly, the recycling rate reaches up to 95%, and the heat preservation and moisture effect is better than the ordinary plastic film, which helped with the production.

The high-strength fully recycled plastic film developed by Academician Qu Jinping not only brings social and economic benefits, but also makes outstanding contributions to sustainable development.

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