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"2020 Plastics & Rubber Technology Navigation": Backing You Up in Difficult Times
Publish Date: 2020/09/09

Plastics & Rubber Technologies: Backing You Up in Difficult Times

The sudden surge of coronavirus has strengthened people's concern on health and hygiene, and the strong demand for epidemic-prevention materials are reflected in the market, which has also driven consumption and business opportunities in multiple plastics and rubber applications, making it a major issue for the industry to enhance production capacity while protecting employee's safety.

At the same time, in the context of global economic uncertainty, industry competition has intensified, and enterprises need urgently to effectively control labor costs, speed up the transformation and upgrading, add value to their product. In addition to the pursuit of higher performance automation equipment and materials, environmentally friendly and recycling-related technologies are also come into favor.

"2020 Plastics & Rubber Technology Navigation" is now online. Click here to explore hot technologies of the year:

  • Integrated Intelligent Collaboration Equipment
  • New Breakthroughs in Injection Molding
  • Wide Selection of Recycling Equipment
  • Eco-friendly Extruders
  • Upgraded Barrier & Protective Materials
  • Green Materials You Must Know
  • New Materials For 3D Printing