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SciXplore Forum——Connecting Polymer Science with Applications
Numerous renowned scientists and experts will be invited to share their reports and views on the future development and breakthrough achievements of polymer industry through the activities of Keynote Speeches, Panel Discussion and Meet the Stars.
Applications in Focus – Applications Drive Innovation
Focusing on the fast changing needs of end-users of plastics and rubber industries, the event will gather brands from end-user markets, universities and research centres to provide diversified innovative solutions. The 9 thematic forums will cover more than 60 hot topics you cannot miss, such as smart hardware, antibacterial materials, 3D printing, automotive smart materials, etc.
Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future
The highlighted concurrent events of CHINAPLAS 2021, “Industry 4.0 Factory of the Future” demonstrate the all-round and practical solution of industry 4.0. Other than the smart manufacturing production line initiated by “Manufacturing Intelligence Control Room”, “Smart Factory” and machines operating at different booths and to various factories, the event also consists of different Scenarios & Workshops for showcasing practical solution.
Design x Innovation Presents Asia Creativity in the New Era
Experience how plastics optimizes product design and boosts brand value under three focus topics, namely Design for Sustainability, CMF Design & Technology and Smart & Healthy Living x Plastics and unlocks product creativity in the new era.
Tech Talk 2021
Selected technology speeches can not only broaden the horizons, trigger manufacturing potential and prepare for the reform of the production process.
FORUM THEMES: Innovative Material Technologies and Circular Economy Advanced Recycling Technologies Closing the Loop of Industry Chain Innovative Plastics Packaging and Sustainable Development
Medical Plastics Connect - presenting hot medical and healthcare solutions
Experts will share the latest technologies of sterilizing & antibacterial materials, 3D printing & intervention consumables, biocompatible materials and intelligent healthcare product solutions, etc.
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How plastics have revolutionized sports and the challenges ahead
The world of sports has grown over the years, and the plastic industry has been a major contributor to its growth. With the Tokyo Olympics 2020 pushing through this year presenting an array of innovative sports products capturing the attention of the audience, the sports industry is giving the assurance that recovery is on its way.
Olympic Games demonstrate trailblazing materials and technologies in the plastics and rubber industries
The sports and leisure industry has always been a showcase of trendsetting products and processing techniques from the plastics and rubber industries. The past Olympic Games served as the world premiere of sportswear, footwear, sports equipment and structures used in various competitions.
Tokyo Olympics 2020 races towards sustainability and safety amidst Covid-19 challenges
What makes the Tokyo Olympics stand out among the previous Olympic Games is its intensified commitment towards sustainability in spite of the challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It reflects the resilience of the plastics industry as it continues to support the sport industry with its latest technologies and materials.
150,000+ Visitors Joined the Journey of Innovative Plastics & Rubber Tech CHINAPLAS Concluded with a Huge Success!
On April 16, CHINAPLAS 2021, the first post-pandemic international trade fair for the plastics and rubber industries, has come to an end in the Greater Bay Area. It was the first time that CHINAPLAS was held at Shenzhen, PR China, and the result was remarkable! With an exhibition area of over 350,000sqm
Download CHINAPLAS APP now to help master all show information & enjoy the tour with navigation map!
CHINAPLAS 2021 is opening soon! Wonder how many exhibitors in this edition? What kinds of technology will be shown? Are there any events or seminars? Is there a real-time navigation map can be used in such a huge exhibition hall? Let us find out answers on CHINAPLAS APP now!
Installation Art "WAVE" demonstrates the infinite possibilities of circular economy
Waves illustrate the propagation of energy. Sound, light, water, electricity, gravity, and even consciousness are all affecting the world in the form of waves. The Installation Art "wave" symbolizes the powerful energy that plastics materials transmit to the world. Metaphorically the artwork not only implies the endless possibilities of a circular economy, but also indicates a more sustainable future trend for the entire plastics industry.
Want to be the first to know about the debut technology on CHINAPLAS 2021? Explore the “Tech Debut Collection"!
Are you wondering what kinds of technology will be launched at CHINAPLAS 2021 by the chemical giants or machinery leading players? Check the 160+ debut products on CHINAPLAS 2021 in “Tech Debut Collection". You could find various hot solutions about Automation, Light Weight, Green Packaging, Antibacterial Materials etc. in the “Tech Debut Collection”.
5G industries drive new trends on plastic & rubber
The realization of the 5G communication era will inevitably involve the upgrading of key devices. From core chips to RF devices, from base stations to applications, all provide a unique opportunity for the development of plastics and rubber.
3D Printing Technology Facilitates Industrial Transformation and Upgrading
Curing diseases and saving lives, improving production efficiency etc. 3D printing technology is integrating into traditional manufacturing at an unprecedented development speed and promoting industrial transformation. 3D printing technology is showing its infinite possibilities.
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