CHINAPLAS is the world’s leading plastics and rubber trade fair, organized by Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., and supported by many local and overseas associations. The 34th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries (CHINAPLAS 2021) will be held on April 13-16, 2021 at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center, Shenzhen, PR China. CHINAPLAS 2021 is expected to reach over 300,000 sqm exhibition areas with over 3,600 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions and 10 pavilions. It will showcase more than 3,800 units of plastics and rubber machinery include extrusion and injection machines, blow molding machines, ancillary & testing equipment, film technology, integrated automation machines, and machines & equipment for preprocessing and re machines & equipment for preprocessing and recycling cycling; and chemicals and raw materials cover additives, bioplastics, 3D printing materials, pigments, composite & high-performance materials, semi-finished products, and thermoplastic elastomers & rubber, for the automotive, building & city infrastructure, E&E, IT & telecommunications, end-user packaging, medical and other industries. It will attract 160,000 professional buyers, with 25% overseas visitors, from 150 countries and regions. The show will highlight “Smart Manufacturing, Innovative Materials, Green & Circular Solutions” in which integrated automation, composite materials, 3D printing, and recycling technologies will be displayed together with the concurrent events. All these contribute to the enterprises for upgrading the production process and competitiveness. Over 3,600 Global Exhibitors, including chemicals and raw materials suppliers like DuPont, BASF, Dow Chemical, MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL, Kingfa, Covestro, LG Chemicals, etc to provide new and advanced technology in chemicals field; and plastics and rubber machinery suppliers like Haitian, Borch EDI, Engel, Jwell, Dalian Totani, Akei, BCC, Zerma, Avian, Yizumi, Husky, Nordson, Solvay, Coperion, etc will display a wide range of plastics machinery include extrusion and injection molding machines for different industries, e.g. plastic packaging; and mould and die suppliers like Mold-Masters, Yudo, etc. In addition, for composite & high-performance materials, there are exhibitors of Nippon Electric Glass, IKP, Taishan Fiberglass. While Demag, ISRA, ABB, Tool-Temp, Italy Gimatic, KENT, Mehow, LITEON, LNC, Delta-Cimic, etc are the suppliers of industrial automation machines. And Macchi, Jinming, and Hanking will display film technology. Visitors who successfully pre-register online ( can enjoy early bird fare discount.
Creating Value across Industries with Rubber and Elastomers: Applications for Sports, Medical, Automotive and Consumer goods
Publish Date: 2020/06/15
Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) not only maintain the highly desirable combination of elasticity, aging resistance and oil resistance traditionally associated, they are also easy to work with using a variety of processing methods. Silicone is a new breed of high-performance material that is useful in a wide range of industries and is replacing an increasing range of applications of traditional materials

Creating Value across Industries with Rubber and Elastomers: Applications for Sports, Medical, Automotive and Consumer goods

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) not only maintain the highly desirable combination of elasticity, aging resistance and oil resistance traditionally associated with cross-linked vulcanized rubber, they are also easy to work with using a variety of processing methods, like plastics. These attributes allow TPEs to be applied across many application industries. Silicone, on the other hand, is a new breed of high-performance material that comes in diverse forms and are useful in a wide range of industries. As silicone products continue to demonstrate superior performance and functionality in a growing number of fields, they are replacing an increasing range of applications of traditional materials.

Delivering innovative sports and consumer products
TPEs have become the go-to substitute for traditional rubber. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, TPEs are pleasant to touch and exquisite to the eyes. As a result, they widen the creative space for designers and innovators. These unique high-grade synthetic materials are people-friendly, making them a top choice for a large variety of sports and consumer products.

Arkema's Pebax® thermoplastic elastomers are sought-after by professional athletes for their unmatched combination of light weight, high resilience and cold temperature durability. Offering a wide range of hardness and great flexibility, they meet the performance needs of sports activities. The Pebax® elastomers are materials of choice to make sports shoes, cleated boots and ski boots.

When it comes to electronic products, today's customers are more demanding than ever before. They expect their electronic devices to be waterproof and dustproof, and be able to withstand falls and shocks. Selective Self-adhesive Liquid Silicone from Shin-Etsu Silicone allows integral plastic molding without primers. The short cycle times required for molding this silicone product, coupled with a high utilization rate of raw materials, leads to improved quality and productivity, as well as greatly reduced production cost.

Protecting health with TPE medical innovations
The medical devices market has long demanded hard plastics, as well as materials and coverings that feel soft to the touch. The healthcare market today is focused on caring for individuals, families, and the needs of an aging population. The appetite for user-friendly medical devices from both patients and health care providers drives the growing demand in the market.

Free of toxins or plasticizers, TPEs allow producers to comply with regulations to control heavy metal content mandated by different jurisdictions. Driven by fast-changing plastics and rubber technologies, the industry continues to introduce new professional-grade TPEs. TPE materials made by Shanjin Polymer represent the industry's rapid pursuit of superior hygiene grades needed for medical and food grade products. Materials from Shanjin also exhibit excellent drug resistance and low biological toxicity. In addition, they are amenable to sterilizing at high temperature. With outstanding safety features that allow for wide use in medical products, these TPEs are the perfect choice to replace PVC.

Silicone and thermoplastic materials are widely used in two-color injection molding or insert injection molding as well. Secure bonding between soft and hard materials is needed to meet the design and processing needs. Momentive's new Silopren*LSR27x9 and its medical-grade LSR47x9 series of liquid silicone products offer strong in-mold adhesion to substrates without the need for primers or surface treatment. Momentive's new self-bonding technology delivers short cycle times and one-step curing to help improve productivity for strong bonded products.

Helping the automotive industry blaze new trails
Moving forward, the automotive industry has an infinite potential to leverage greater use of TPEs. TPEs are already widely used in automotive bodies and interiors and exteriors, as well as for structural parts and special-purpose applications. China’s thriving automotive industry is in the forefront of a growing market for TPEs.

TPEs are typically found in vehicle interiors, where they are used in control elements, non-slip mats, door sills, seals and cup holders. Kraiburg TPE has introduced innovative low-odor, low-emission TPEs that automotive designers and manufacturers can use to equip state-of-the-art vehicle interiors while improving air quality in vehicle cabins.

Synthetic leather made with Lubrizol's ESTANE® Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is designed to enable greater comfort and durability for car seats while enhancing design freedom. Environmentally-friendly Lubrizol products offer lower VOC and FOG. They also provide cost-effective solutions leading to high temperature resistance, excellent tear and wear resistance. Moreover, they even feel softer to the touch.

CHINAPLAS responds to the changing market with a one-stop sourcing platform.
CHINAPLAS, the largest plastics and rubber exhibition in Asia, bring together leading suppliers from China and all-over the world. CHINAPLAS headliners include Thermoplastic Elastomers and Rubber Zone and Rubber Machinery Zone that work in tandem to provide diversified, value-added, cost-effective solutions that cater to the differing needs of buyers.

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