Exhibition Health Screening and Shenzhen Immigration & Health Requirements

*Starting from Jan 8 2023, all travelers to China no longer need to apply for a health code nor quarantine upon arrival. Only a negative nucleic acid test result obtained within 48 hours of departure is required. *

Exhibition Admission Requirements

Face mask should be worn any time during your visiting to the trade fair.

In order to ensure the health and safety of everyone participating in the exhibition, according to the requirements of relevant Chinese authorities, all visitors must be real-name authenticated and checked for health status on-site.

Visitors with a PRC Resident Identity Card:


PRC Resident Identity Card

Visitors holding foreign passports / Mainland Travel Permits for Hong Kong and Macau Residents / Mainland Travel Permits for Taiwan Residents:


Identity Document (e.g. Passport / Mainland travel permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents / Mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents)

If you fail to provide the documents, the Organizer reserves the right to refuse admission according to the government’s policy. The admission fee paid will not be refunded.

Remarks: Completed vaccination for COVID-19 is recommended

Please note: All the policies and measures are subject to change. The below information is FOR REFERENCE ONLY.

Last updated on Jan 6 2023

For foreign countries and regions to Shenzhen


All foreign visitors to PR China must apply for a visa and comply with the health requirement on entering into Chinese mainland. Regarding the detailed requirement and policies of specific countries or regions, please refer to Chinese Visa Application Service Center: https://www.visaforchina.org/

 Invitation Letter for VISA Application

We (the organizer) assist our visitors in applying for a visa by issuing our company's invitation letter, and visitors may apply this letter by filling in the application form. (Click Here)


All Passengers arriving in all destinations in mainland China are required to present a negative nucleic acid test result obtained within 48 hours of departure for review.

The test certificate must include the traveler's name, passport number, date of birth, date of collection, date of report, and contact information of the testing institution. Nucleic acid samples can be collected and tested at any legal laboratory with CLIA certification.

Please contact the local Chinese embassy or consulate for additional details, as China has slightly different updates for travelers from many countries.


All travelers entering mainland China must submit a health declaration form, and declare their health information in maximum of 24 hours before their entry. Travelers can submit the form online or via WeChat.

Alternatively, the "China Customs" mobile app can be used for nationalities where WeChat is unavailable.

From Hong Kong to Shenzhen

Travelers traveling to Shenzhen from Hong Kong must present a negative nucleic acid test result obtained within 48 hours of departure for review. The test must be issued by a medical institution recognized by the Hong Kong SAR government. Travelers must also submit a health declaration form upon immigration.

More information on mainland China’s entry policies:

For entering Hong Kong for all travelers

Venue Code on "Guangdong Health Code (GHC)"

I. Access to GHC (for Inbound Travelers)

Step 1: Scan the QR code with your phone to enter the GHC webpage or application page. Click "Languages" on the top right corner to choose the language.

Step 2: Click "Apply for a GHC"(立即申請)after entering the GHC page(for Inbound Travelers)

img img-fluid
QR code for GHC (for Inbound Travelers)

II. Login to check the GHC (for inbound travelers)

1. For first-time users of GHC (for inbound travelers)

If you haven’t applied for a GHC before, you may scan the QR code to enter the GHC webpage, after entering the GHC page, fill in your basic information, including full name, country/region, ID number, type of ID document, then you will be able to see your own GHC. You will receive a text message with the URL of the GHC webpage after application.

After entering GHC page, tap "set up password" at the bottom of the page and finish setting. You can get your GHC by entering your phone number and login password.

2. For Non-First Application Users

If you have applied for a GHC before, you can scan the code again or visit the webpage via the URL in the text message you received. After entering the GHC page, fill in your phone number and complete the verification to view your GHC.

III. Scan "Venue Code"

Upon entry into exhibition venue, visitors should use the "scan" function of WeChat or Alipay to scan the "Venue Code".

After the "venue code" is scanned, personal health status will be verified automatically and relevant information registered by the system. The health code color, the name and address of the venue, as well as the sampling time and result of the person’s latest NAT will then be displayed on his/her smart phone screen.

IV. Who can use the GHC (for Inbound Travelers)?

Inbound travelers with either passports or Mainland Travel Permits for Taiwan Residents shall use the GHC (for Inbound Travelers). Hong Kong and Macao inbound travelers who cannot use the Yuekang Code of Yueshengshi due to difficulties in using WeChat or real-name certification can use the GHC (for Inbound Travelers). Mainland Chinese residents cannot log in and get the GHC (for Inbound Travelers) with their passport numbers. Please use the Yueshengshi Mini Program to get the Yuekang Code as required.


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