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Jam Petrochemical Complex is one of the Iran's largest non-oil products exporter. Located in the heart of the country's energy zone, its special geographic location has gave it a distinguished position and is caused that continuous development and improvement become as the main goal of it. 
During last year, JPC promoted from 37th to the 27th rank among top 100 company of Iran, which shows the company's institutional and strategic capacities in value making for its stakeholders and also Iran's economy. Therefore, doubling production capacity of JPC is a reachable target within next 5 years. During this period, JPC will remain as a leading company in the field of producing petrochemical products in Iran and region and will try to play a major role as a world supplier. 
Emphasize on production of some special grade polymers, engineering polymers and strategic products like ABS-Rubber is amongst strategic plans of this company in coming years. Access to energy sources and international waters, benefiting 3000 young and energetic human resource are most important resources of JPC in achieving its goal of being a global and distinguished company. Always going forward... We start our daily work with this believe.

Jam Petrochemical Company, in terms of capacity, stands first in Iran & is one of the largest petrochemical producers of in the world. This complex enjoys some unique features which makes it unique in Islamic republic of Iran’s economy:

  1. Jam petrochemical olefin unit to produce a capacity of 1,320,000 tons of ethylene and 306,000 tons of propylene per year is one of the largest olefin units in the country and the world. State of the art technologies are utilized in the manufacture of this unit and global scale are also observed in capacity selection.
  2. A unique feature of Jam Petrochemical Complex Olefin unit, compared to other units, is its high capacity of production and the possibility of utilization of dual-purposes furnaces to enable to use both gas and liquid feed.
  3. HDPE Unit of Jam Petrochemical Company to produce 300,000 tons annually is one of largest polymer units in Iran. In addition to producing the 26 main grids, this unit is able to produce black, yellow, blue and normal grids. These features of products are distinctive in it the country as well as in the world.
  4. LLDPE Unit of Jam Petrochemical Company to produce 300, 000 tons of products, is one of the largest units in the polymer. The extruder capacity in this unit is 42 tons per hour and it has the ability to produce more than 54 different grids of products.
  5. Butadiene Unit to produce a capacity of 115,000 tons stands unique unit in Iran, in terms of production, purity degree and product quality in the country.

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