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Product Name : JWG - PA/PP/PLA 3D Printing, Professional Car Small Pipe Extrusion Line
Product Information : This series of production line is mainly used for processing 3D supplies, automotive, trachea, and other products.By matching different structure of screw barrel can meet PE, PP, PA, FPVC PLA, ABS, PU, high-speed extrusion for raw materials such as pipes or bars.Has the production speed, high precision, easy operation and convenient maintenance, etc.To minimize the production of waste, reduce operating costs, reduce cover an area of, is a customer first multi-function equipment.
Product Categories: - Extruders, single screw type
- Extruders, twin screw type
- Extrusion lines for flat film and sheets
- Extrusion lines for pipes and profiles
- Extrusion lines for sheathing of pipes and cables
- Recycling lines
- Extrusion dies
- Screws