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Product Name : Twin Screw Extruder - Compounding Line
Product Information : Excellent product quality, especially with thermally sensitive compounds, can only be achieved if the temperature of the product in the extruder is kept as low as possible. Higher speeds usually also result in higher product temperatures. Consequently, the maximum possible output in the extruder can only be achieved if the screw elements can provide the energy input required for the particular processing task without causing local overheating of the product. The extruder FED-MT achieves this with the unique screw geometry in its melting and mixing elements, in which the product is allowed to remain long enough for the dissipation of the required amount of energy without the occurrence of temperature peaks. Since the melting process as well as the mixing of fillers can be carried out using screw elements with the same geometry, fewer spare parts need to be kept on stock. This technology is mainly used in the compounding, masterbatch an upcycling Industry.