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Product Information : Magnetic field is the foundation of the motor to realize the electricity energy conversion.
Depending on the way to establish the magnetic field, it divides into the electric excitation motor and permanent magnet motor.
Compared to the electric excitation motor, the permanent magnet motor has the advantages as below,
High Efficiency
It cancels the loss of the excitation system which improves efficiency 5%-12% .
The motor is in directed drive, without the speed slip loss, No need for the bearing and connection to drive, that can improve more than 3% efficiency.
When in light loading, the PM motor can improve 15-35% efficiency as the same specifications of induction motor.

Low Noise
With the design in magnetic field,magnetic density distribution,wider working frequency range ,lower operation noise.
The air pressure is constant, open loop vector control, it can adjust a wide range of discharge air volume immediately.

High Precision, Fast Response

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