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In 1927 our company was founded in Nuremberg as an electromechanical factory. Between 1962 and 2001 the number of employees was increased to about a hundred. Today there are about 6.300 m² of production area and 500 m² of administration area available. The main business is the manufacturing of electrical heating elements and accessories for industrial use, especially in the plastic industry, manufacturing of apparatuses and also sheet metal working. Our company offer following products :

  • Cylinder heaters
  • Heaters with coolers
  • Nozzle band heaters
  • Tool heaters
  • Cartridge heaters
  • Tubular cartridge heaters
  • Coil heaters
  • Thermocouples
  • Surface thermocouples
  • Resistance Sensors
  • IR-Sensors
  • Measure- / Control systems

The ERGE – MEFLEX – Ceramic heater was the first flexible ceramic heater made in Germany. Since its introduction in the year 1965 he has proved best in lots of applications. It meets all the proceeding requirements of the leading plastic processors, guaranteeing a long durability. It is used in the plastic industries for heating injection moulding machines, extruders and blow moulding machines. The ERGE - MEFLEX ceramic heater is an OEM Standard to the most leading machinery companies of the world. ERGE – Products are also used for special machinery, laboratory, device and in the chemical industry because of their high flexibility, long lifetime and their manifold possibilities of application.

Construction, design and production is completely done by ERGE, further ERGE is active for multi-national enterprises as advisor in the area of the electric heat. Production capacity guarantees quick and flexible adaptation of our manufacture to satisfy the manifold requirements of our customers.

According to your requirements we build every technical possible heater, Design in oval, conical or rectangular cross section is available, too. For all special parts our efficient sheet metal production will be at your disposal.

In 2006 we have established a wholly owned subsidiary in PR China:


Jia Xing ERGE Electric Heat Technology Co., Ltd.

211 Yan Bei Road, Wu Yuan Zhen, Hai Yan

Zhejiang, Peoples Republic of China

Postcode: 314300
Tel:+86 (0)573-86160066 Fax:+86 (0)573-86160758
Email: info@ergechina.com Web: www.ergechina.com



Thus, you can buy High-Tec Products, which correspond European quality standards, with discounted local price and according to your personal requirement!

We are very glad, if you would become our customers.


Trust in our experience and quality since 1927

Website: www.erge-elektrowaermetechnik.de www.ergechina.com
ERGE Elektrowaermetechnik GmbH

ERGE Elektrowaermetechnik GmbH

Jia Xing ERGE

Jia Xing ERGE

Ceramic heaters

Ceramic heaters