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123 Ting Lan Lane, Suzhou ,Industrial Park, Jiang Su, China
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P R China
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RTP Company Reduces Part Weight and Provides Surface Protection with Two Thermoplastic Technologies
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RTP Company, a global compounder of custom engineered thermoplastics, works with resins and modifiers to develop material solutions that fit the exact needs of your plastic parts. Our engineers formulate thermoplastic compounds providing color, flame retardancy, elastomeric, structural, and/or conductive properties, and resistance to chemicals, high temperature, and wear.

This year, we are highlighting Very Long Fiber Compounds, which can replace heavier, higher cost options, and provide up to 15% weight savings compared to Short Glass Nylon Compounds. Our new Surface Protection Compounds resist scratches, scuffs, and mar, which then reduces surface quality rejections during processing and eliminates secondary operations like protective coatings.

RTP Company thermoplastic compounds are available globally, and are used in many famous brands in the automotive, medical, industrial, electronics, sporting, consumer goods, and aerospace industries. Visit ChinaPlas booth 7.2J45.

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