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Unit1,No.178,Melal Building,Moghadase Ardebili St,Yaman St,Tehran,Iran
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Persian Gulf Polymer Pooya Tejarat Novin Co.
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Persian Gulf Polymer Pooya Tejarat Novin Co (PGPCO), established in 2016, is a reputed, professionally managed business company active in the field of oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical products. The companys main focus is supplying virgin and recycled polymers in global markets, but there are also substantial activities in supplying chemicals and oil derivatives which are handled by related departments. The company is currently active in CIS / Europe /Middle East / Africa / Asia and Far East Markets.
In general, the company is exporting below products:
1. Virgin products:
- General Purpose Polystyrene GPPS (from low to High MFI)
- High Impact Polystyrene HIPS (MFI 5 & 12)
- Expandable Polystyrene EPS (Flame Retardant for construction purposes & General R grades for packaging industry)
- Paraffin Wax Slab (Semi & Fully refined)
- SBR 1502/1712
- PBR 1220
2. Recycle/Near Prime products:
- Near Prime HDPE Pipe grade (PE100 & PE80)
- Recycle HDPE Blow Molding (Natural & Co

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