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Factory add: Bld 16#,Wulian Xieping Ailian Industrial,Longcheng Longga
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P R China
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22 years manufacturer of clear plastic impact modifiers flame retardant and gloss additive etc.
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PP Polypropylene V0 Flame Retardant, flaming stops immediately once fire is away, Pass 850℃ glow/hot wire ,could add Calcium Carbonate, Talc or Glass Fiber ,they dont effect our flame retardancy), with 3-5% dosing, Work for Injection/Extrusion/Blowing molding and filament.
ARGIOPE let plastics toughened and stronger impact than ever.
A-861 GPPS Impact Modifier: light transmittance 91%, Haze less than 0.6, Impact strength improvment better than the Best K-Resin (Styrene Butadiene Copolymer SBC) in the market

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