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CPICs chopped strands are divided into thermoplastic chopped strand, chopped strand for BMC and wet chopped strand. In terms of the application, such strands are divided into reinforced thermoplastic plastics (such as PA, PET, PBT and PC) and reinforced thermosetting plastics (such as phenolic resin and unsaturated polyester resin, generally used in BMC process) and those for other purposes (for example, the wet chopped strand is the base material for wet-laid tissue). In terms of the dry or wet state, chopped strands are divided into dry chopped strand and wet-laid chopped strand. The thermoplastic chopped strand and BMC series chopped strand are dry chopped strands, while wet chopped strand is wet-laid chopped strand. CPIC can manufacture thermoplastic chopped strands of various specifications and provide the scheme for reinforcing commonly used engineering plastics.

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