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P R China
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Agglomerator and Watering Cutter Plastic Recycling Production Line
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HS series film recycling granulation production line
Production line structure features:
1. The cutting, compacting and extruding functions are integrated into one, and the whole plastic bag is directly granulated without being broken;
2, No need stop changing the network, the filter area is larger; (depending on the material situation, you can choose the double stage Production )
3, Watering pelletizing solves the problem of large material viscosity;
4. High productivity and low energy consumption are the first choice to solve the recycling and reuse of PE/PP film.The double exhaust technology effectively solves the problem of water of materials, greatly improving the performance of materials.
5.The compaction bin is used to granulate the PET bottle, PET sheet effectively removes the moisture in the granule process, successfully solving the problem of material viscosity drop.

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